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In March 2006 Buffalo relased a new version of the TeraStation.

It is supposed to feature more current hardware like S-ATA disk.

For now please refer to the official site.


See hardwarePro for the new mainboard.

Where to upload Software?

If you have anything (Firmwares, Custom Firmwares, useful software packages) that might be useful for other Tera/Tera HS/TeraPro-users then send mindbender a private message in the forums. He will provide you with the needed information to upload files to


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The TeraStation Pro can be a member of Active Directory Enviroment of a Windows200x network.
To enable this Buffalo has released a beta firmware for this feature.

This firmware can be downloaded from http://de.buffalotech.com/downloads/TSPro-1.01-0.51-withAD.zip

And it uses an known password


Some newly purchased units are coming out with a version 1.03 firmware. This firmware seems to have some issues, including the inability to set Active Directory settings(stays greyed out even after checking the AD checkbox, apparently not all 1.03 users are having this issue). Flashing with the 1.01 linked above seems to fix this issue.

In late June I had trouble with my TS Pro. Buffalo tech support suggested reinstalling the firmware. My box was at 1.03 but only 1.01 was available on the Buffalo website. I inquired and was told by Buffalo tech support 1.03 created more issues than it solved and was pulled for rework. My TS Pro subsequently died and I did a warranty exchange with the distributor (Dell). The replacement box contained 1.01, not 1.03.

Buffalo tech support does not recommend using 1.03.


Buffalo has a Beta 1.04 firmware available on their (originally temporary) FTP site. According to Buffalo this should fix the issues that some users have been having when joining to their AD domains. It still does not appear to fix the name resolution issue(can connect to the device using AD users by connecting to "\\IPaddress" but not "\\Name").

-It seems that download link does not working, If someone have this firmware please let me know and I will provide hosting for it.

-It's working right now, but it seems go down intermittently. If someone has more reliable storage that would be great. Also, they have a new one out today: TSPro-1.04-0.01-CharFix. It is 1.04-0.01 instead of 1.04-0.00. Probably some sort of minor revision. --Wastedlife 05:09, 4 October 2006 (CEST)

Non-Official Firmware

The following firmware files have been provided by Entropy. There is always an inherent risk associated with updating your system. If your system breaks, you own both pieces. If you have feedback on the firmware, please leave a message on the Talk Page.

Terastation Pro Firmware by Entropy
Version Base Image Status Released Includes
1.01-1 Buffalo US 1.01-0.51-withAD Stable 2006-May-20 dropbear v??
user_nfs v??
1.01-2 (test2) Buffalo US 1.01-0.51-withAD TEST 2007-Jan-13 less-358
md5*sum/sha*sum from busybox-0.60.5
user_nfs v??

Release Notes 1-01-2
Please test this version and let me know if there are any problems. The highlights of this version is that it replaces dropbear with openssh for compatibility reasons and includes a NFS v3 daemon so that files larger than 2G can be written to the Terastation via NFS. Most of the additional tools for this package are built using the Denx ELDK

  • Once you have flashed this image to your TSPro, you can ssh into the box using the admin account and whatever password you setup when you configured the box. The admin user has been added as a sudoer, so you can execute "sudo -s" if you want/need to use the root account.
  • Anytime the box is reflashed, the ssh host keys are regenerated.
  • If you are attempting to get public key authentication working, remember, all of the users' home directories are in /home, so if you setup public key authentication for one, it is for all because /home/.ssh is shared among all users. I would suggest changing your users home directory to /mnt/array1/home/USER (where USER is the username) so that your ssh keys are kept across firmware upgrades.
  • I created a link so that if you create a directory called /mnt/array1/web, you can serve files from that directory using your Terastation. I wouldn't exactly recommend putting it on the Internet though! Unfortunately, the master configuration does not allow for indexes or overrides, so you'll have to change the /etc/apache/httpd.conf file if you want directory listings. (Remember, you lose these changes when you reflash the box).

Known Issues 1.01-2 (test2)

  1. None so far.

Entropy's firmware worked great for me. I am having couple of issues it might be my inexpertise.

  1. Couldnt get the Pulic key authentication working. Tried using the tips on QandA.
  2. NFS - i was able to mount both on mac and linux and i tried to copy a file little over than 2GB and got error.

I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks a Million
- Nav

Entropy could you tell me briefly how i can get V3 UNFS into the firmware. I will give it a shot. Appreciate your help.
- Nav

Thanks a lot for the info. It seems little bit out of my skills.
-- Naveen

Entropy, great work. Thanks a million. Here is my contribution, hope it helps someone. TeraStation Pro and NFS Walkthough for OSX and OSX Server.
- Hays

Talk: Hacking the TeraStation Pro

Follow this link: Talk:TeraStationPro what is the root password for TeraStation Pro for the non-official firmware

Using the serial console

Serial console TsP


Joining Windows Domains

One problem is that the TeraStation will not allow you to join a domain that begins with a number. I had to rename my Windows domain because it began with a number. What was the programmer at Buffalo thinking? -Mike 2006 May 25

If you have a PDC with leading number(s) running send an Email to the helpdesk@buffalo-technology.ie. They can help you. - Joergl 2006 July 6

Have Terastation Pro 1TB. I can join it to my Small Business Server 2003 Active Directory, just fine. The network sees the TS-Pro just fine, but the user accounts are not updated on the TS. I have tried working with buffalo tech support, but the just keep telling me it is a Active Directory problem, that my AD is setup wrong.

I explained to them that AD in a SBS network has to be created in a exact patteren or it will not work right. This is created during setup. Explained to them that if I join the TS as a workgroup and not part of the domain then it works correctly. This points to an issues with TS and not my PDC. The TS is not retreiving the AD information correctly. I did flash to 1.03 no good.

Have found other posts elsewhere with the same problem in a SBS network. Has anybody been able to join to the SBS 2003 AD? Bryan July 2006

Is it realy not possible to join a domain which isn't in mixed mode? Thaek Sept 2006

Here is how I joined a native 2003 domain with a Pro 1TB:

0) Configure your proper domain settings under the web config (even if it errors out on join)
1) Connected a serial cable.
2) http://your_Terastation_IP/cgi-bin/task.cgi?task=console&param=on
3) Login as admin
4) Become root by entering sudo -s as a command and the admin password
5) /etc/init.d/smb restart
6) vi /etc/hosts
7) add the following: your.primary.DC.address FQDN.of.primary.DC (example: DC1)
8) /lib/ld.so.1 --library-path /usr/local/samba3/ /usr/local/samba3/net ads join -U Your_Domain_Admin_Account@Your.Domain.Qualifier
9) Enter the domain admin account password.
10) If you are still having problems connecting to the shares, make sure the time is correct (mine never gets it right) and repeat steps 5 - 9.

With that, you should be off to the races. I am not sure why, but after a botched upgrade, I have manually do all of those settings each time I reboot the Terastation. But after I get it connected, it works great. Hope this helps.

--Aaron Dec. 27, 2006

Samba Performance?

Seems that I am the only one having problems with the bad samba performance from Windows clients (when having a few 1000 files in a directory). I assume that it has to do with the case insensitivity needed for Windows clients.

Is there a simple hack resolving this?

--Mbob 10:24, 3 October 2006 (CEST)

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Walk Though

TeraStation Pro and NFS Walkthough for OSX and OSX Server