TeraStation larger disks

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This article is about upgrading a TeraStation to use Larger Hard Disks

TeraStation Larger Disks


The systems that are currently covered by this article include all the original PPC based Models:

  • Original TeraStation
  • TeraStation Home Server
  • TeraStation Pro v1

These all come with a Linux 2.4 Kernel. This version of Linux has a limitation where a single file system cannot exceed 2Tb. Therefore the largest disks that can be supported by the standard Buffalo firmware is 500Gb. This article covers techniques for using disks larger than this (albeit with some restrictions).

The following ARM based systems are not covered:

  • Terastation Live
  • TeraStation Pro v2

These systems come with a Linux 2.6 kernel. This does not suffer from the limit of a 2Tb limit in a single file system. Although there is no reason to suspect that the instructions described in this article would not work they should not be required as the standard Buffalo firmware should handle larger disks without issues.