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As each release of the firmware fixes some bugs, new ways to become root must be discovered.

  • for 1.01 you could hack /usr/local/bin/mailtest.sh
  • for 1.03 you can log in as admin, then replace /etc/passwd.
  • for 1.04 you can hack /www/cgi-bin/ts.cgi
  • for 2.04 you can hack /etc/cron.d/progchk
  • for 2.14 you can still hack /www/cgi-bin/ts.cgi :-)
  • on some releases you can simply log in as root

N.B. These methods do NOT give you the root password. They let you execute commands as root without relying on telnetd or sshd being enabled. Of course, once you can do this you can run passwd or replace /etc/passwd to replace the root password with one you know. At this point you also need to enable telnetd or sshd or some other more convenient way of logging in as root.