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(downtime today)
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You should realy check out the [[Special:Recentchanges|Recentchanges]].
You should realy check out the [[Special:Recentchanges|Recentchanges]].
; 2005-06-24
; 2005-06-24

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You should realy check out the Recentchanges.

  • Some small changes.
  • Sorry for the downtime today. Had a kind of fatal server failure. Mainboard and one harddisk broken. Running on replacement mainboard, but only one disk.
  • Expect more downtime soonish.

  • From Buffalo Technical Support, answering the question "Does the TeraStation support NFS?"
  • Thank you for contacting Buffalo Technical Support. The TeraStation does not support NFS and there are no plans to update it to do so.


Deborah Buffalo Technical Support Team www.buffalotech.com

  • I should have made a backup copy. Buffalo has reverted the official TeraStation description. While the UK version is back to windows only, the US version still lists support for Linux/Mac. Better read it twice, the UK version still lists NFS but no client os support other then windows, WTF?
  • Buffalo has updated the official TeraStation description. Noteworth changes:
    • NFS support
    • Client OS Support: Windows, Apple, Linux Operating Systems. Used to be Windows only.
till 2005-05-05
  • The CSS looks useable.
    • Still bugs with IE (for Mac, but probably all). But who cares.
    • The preference panel is unusable, sorry.