Transmission BitTorrent Client

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Transmission is a BitTorrent client package that (as of version 1.34) also contains Clutch, an integrated webUI. It easy to compile, install, configure and operate, and it has relatively low memory and cpu usage.

Compiling and Installation




Use the webif.


Create a torrent file

Place the file you wish to share in your torrent directory. For example, if the file you want to share is vmlinuz92608foonasem.gz, then use the cli binary like this:

transmissioncli -n vmlinuz92608foonasem.gz -a vmlinuz92608foonasem.torrent

After executing this you should have a file called vmlinuz92608foonasem.torrent, which is suitable for uploading to a torrrent tracker site.

Upload to torrent tracker/site