Turn your Kuro into a Digital Video Recorder/Player

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Although I have had my iPod Video for about 9 months I seldom watch video on it. I just can't bring myself to pay $2 for an episode of futurama when it is on TV every night. This month I will be installing a Hauppage WinTV-PVRUSB2 capture device on my Kuro and configuring it to automatically record shows and save them in my media directory so I can watch them at a later time with my Buffalo LinkTheater. It should also convert them to the format my iPod uses for viewing on my iPod Video.

The WinTV-PVRUSB2 comes with a remote control so I will be configuring the remote to work with my MP3 player, adding the standard set of controls to the MP3 player that are normally seen on a stereo system. I'll also be adding any other functionality that comes to mind as I work through this project.

The first step was to build a 2.6.18-rc3 kernel with V4L and PVRUSB2 support. Once that was complete the firmware needed to be extracted from the original windows driver disk. There were t files tha tneeded to be extracted. They need to be copied into /lib/firmware. In order to get the firmware to load you will need to emerge hotplug, coldplug, and add coldplug to the default runlevel. It goes without saying (although I'm saying it anyway) that udev is also required, of course, your 2.6 kernel will not boot without udev.