Turn your LinkStation into a Kuro Box (PowerPC)

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I don't recommend that you convert your LinkStation into a Kuro Box. There is a little uncertainty regarding the future of the Kuro Box. The [official Kuro Box web site] was in disarray but is now being run by the community - the wiki is functional again, but a little sparse and the forums also now work. However, LinkStation hacking has made great strides, to the point where it has surpassed the Kuro Box in available hacks. The method described below only works on powerpc-hdhlan LinkStations with 4MB flash memory!

Disclaimer | Converting your LinkStation into a Kuro Box may permanently damage the LinkStation. At a minimum it will invalidate your warranty.

tar -pzxf fix_ext2_magic-1.1_powerpc.tgz
  • Fix the ext2 superblock:
/mnt/share/fix_ext2_magic --fix /dev/hda1
/mnt/share/fix_ext2_magic --fix /dev/hda4
  • Download the stock Kuro Box and LinkStation firmwares from LinkStationWiki:downloads/ here. Extract both on your PC. You should now have 2 directories on your Windows PC, 1 with the Kuro Box firmware update and 1 with the LinkStation firmware update.
  • Copy the Kuro Box firmimg.bin to the LinkStation. Rename the Kuro Box image.zip to image.dat and move it to the directory containing the LinkStation firmware updater, replacing the existing file.
  • Now run HD-HLAN FWUpdate.exe and start the update process. You will receive an error at the end! Ignore it and turn the LinkStation off then back on.
  • The LinkStation should now be in EM mode with the IP address Open a telnet session to the LinkStation and log in as root (the password is kuro).
  • Backup the original firmimg.bin:
cat /dev/fl1 > /mnt/share/original-fl1
  • Then flash the new Kuro Box firmimg.bin:
cat /mnt/share/firmimg.bin > /dev/fl1
  • Once the flash process has completed, issue the following commands:

Most of this information courtesy of http://www.kurobox.com/online/tiki-index.php?page=Turn+your+Linkstation+into+a+Kuro+Box.