U-boot Default Environmental Variables and Values

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Reference Page for U-boot Env Vars & Values

Please add only stock or standard values from a U-boot version supplied by Buffalo or by a developer associated w/ the Wiki, and no custom values. Please list:

  1. source of U-boot (Buffalo, wiki, foonas)
  2. the version
  3. the date of build and
  4. all stock/standard env vars.

The version and date can be found in U-boot's boot messages via netcat or a serial terminal (if you have fitted a cable to your box's Serial_port). The values can be found by issuing the command "printenv" while in U-boot, or the command "nvram -c printenv" whilst in EM etc.




U-Boot 1.1.4 LiSt 2.1.0 (Nov 15 2006 - 18:03:28) LinkStation HG / KuroBox HG

version & date above, made by kuroguy

values: to be listed...

LS-Pro v1

LS-Pro v2