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The stock EM Mode on the ppc-based linkstations does not feature telnet/ftp access like the ppc based kurobox/kurobox HG.

Thats why a new firmimg.bin was created.

A firmimg.bin essentially is a gzipped vmlinux-kernel and a gzipped initrd merged into one new file with an additional header in front. The so called firmimgtool from http://www.geocities.jp/trstat/firmhack.html was used for disassembly and assembly of the file.

Linuxnotincluded did not only port UBoot to the ppc based Linkstations, he also ported to the ppc linkstations]. this port also is an universal one which means that the same kernel works on the LS1/HG/HS. that was really needed as all three have used different kernels.

Installation from Linux

The stock firmwares do not provide telnet/ssh access. If you have serial connection you can use it for installation. But it is much easier to use OpenLink/FreeLink as they provide telnet/ssh access.

Actually you should install UBoot and this firmimg.bin at the same time...then you always can boot to the flash with telnet/ftp access and can setup the hdd from there.

LS1, Kurobox

For LinkStation 1 / KuroBox standard run:

# cd /mnt/share/u-boot
# dd if=firmimg.bin of=/dev/fl1 bs=1k
# cmp firmimg.bin /dev/fl1

HG, HS, Kurobox HG

For LinkStation HG / KuroBox HG run:

# cd /mnt/share/u-boot
# dd if=firmimg.bin of=/dev/mtd0 bs=1k
# cmp firmimg.bin /dev/mtd0

then, when you choose to boot to EM Mode you can login via telnet and you will see this screen:

EM Welcome Screen.JPG

Obviously there is no root password, fdisk and chroot is included and a script was added which mounts /dev/hda1 & /mnt/hda3 to /mnt/hda1 & mnt/hda3.