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I have published my first how-to

I put out a page on how to configure SAMBA so that TiVo's TiVo Desktop software doesn't choke on the NAS. Their software has a bug(feature) that makes it NAS unfriendly. A tweak to SAMBA is my workaround. The Page is Make your NAS Compatible with TiVo Desktop. Please let me know if it is helpful to you on my discussion page.

I now have a second how-to

It was the mess I had here for a very long time. Keeping it here kept from being visible to those who might benefit so I put it out there, even though I still consider it incomplete. You can find it at Freelink+UBoot+kernel2.6 on Kurobox. Please make suggestions or improvements.

My brand new Linkstation Live is here

It is now going to be the box upon which I plan to get TiVo server software running. I was not successful with the Kurobox, but I think that was due to not having enough RAM (only 64MB) to get pyTivo or Galleon working well enough to considered a success. The Live has 128M and I think it will do much better. First I need to explore and see whether to openlink or freelink it. I am thinking since it has some pretty good software on it already, openlink will be the way to go. For starters, I need to figure out what firmware version it has... Installing Buffalo's NAS Navigator on my PC answered that. It is Firmware version 2.10, and is as current as it gets.