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I'm planning to buy a Linkstation 500 GB this christmas and slowly increase its uses afterwards. I'm not much of a linux guy, but the two of us have met before :)

Anyway, i have uses in mind (like using the groupware kolab in my soho), which will require custom firmware and installing additional packages.

Since i can't really distribute as a developer here, but still would like to contribute to this project, since it is in my very interest to do so, i'll do what i can to help:

  • Ask stupid newbie questions...
  • and help to write up the answers, once i understood them :)
  • Help cleaning up the content - some is quite messy, some is not understandable (to me at least) and some suffers from bad writing style or typos.

Feel free to contact me here, i'll do my best to answer quickly - i suspect that i will be most active until i have my box and have everything running as needed - hopefully that won't be forever :)

So long & thanks for all the good work you already did,