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Damn, that smarts!

The finger has healed up (but it is still hypersensative). I was making a volume knob from a sloan flush valve angle stop cover when all hell broke loose. That's the aftermath of a 3/16" drill bit on a drill press going through my left pointer finger. Too bad I'm left handed.

Another homemade Tube amp

Here's my latest piece of homemade stereo equipment. It is based on 6AU6 and 6AQ5 tubes. It lives in my office and is fed from my Kuro HD. Without a doubt, the coolest music player in the office.

Tube Amp

Building a 832 push pull amp from scratch. here's some pictures:

Here's the layout of the major components on paper. Next I'll start cutting the aluminum panel.
The 832a dual beam tetrode with the 12at7 dual triode (first stage) next to it.
Just starting drilling on the chassis The panel came with those deep scratches in it. If I can't get them out I'll paint the panel black.
The chassis with the transformers and terminals mounted. check out the finish on the panel.
The completed chassis. Time to start cutting some wood.
The completed chassis with the wood frame. still need to sand and round over the edges of the wood.
The completed chassis with the wood frame and mostly polished panel. still need to do something to finish the wood.
you can see the layout of the major components from the bottom and all those tapped holes in the panel. just need to start installing components now.
Starting to wire it now.
A closeup of the wiring.
More wiring done. Still need to wire the filaments, build the time delay relay, and some minor work on the amp.s power stage.
Still need to lacquer the wood, and am waiting for 5 resistors to arrive, but here's a picture of the amp with the tubes installed.
Just needs the filament wiring/transformer and time delay relay board.
The bottom of the amplifier with everything except the fuse, filament transformer, and time delay relay board.
Almost done. need to select the output impedance and connect the binding posts to the appropriate terminals and install one resistor. I think I'll also redo a couple of the wires to reduce stray capacitance in the circuit.
The underside of the completed amp.
All done and hooked up to my Kuro.
NIce Glow.