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[[Image:DSC_0856.JPG|left|thumb|640px|Chassis done. Right rear quadrant]]
[[Image:DSC_0856.JPG|left|thumb|640px|Chassis done. Right rear quadrant]]
[[Image:left side.jpg|left|thumb|640px|Left front view]]
[[Image:rt side.jpg|left|thumb|640px|Right front view]]
[[Image:Rear.jpg|left|thumb|640px|Rear of the case]]

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Here it is, my new Mini ITX box. I couldn't find a case I liked so I decided to make my own. This box has dual hard disks, a satallite card, a DVD rom drive, and a custom 2x16 red LCD and IR receiver module (homebrew). Here are some pics:

The LCD module from sparkfun.com and the USB to ttl adapter from a phone data cable
The hardware block assembled without a case or chassis.
The chassis with the satellite card and one hard disk installed.
File:DSC 0850.JPG
Custom wiring harness and second HD in position. Needs one more bracket.
File:DSC 0849.JPG
DVD drive sitting on top for to see the overall size of the chassis.
File:DSC 0852.JPG
just need to fab the left dvd rom support.
File:DSC 0853.JPG
Chassis done. Right front quadrant
File:DSC 0855.JPG
Chassis done. Front view
File:DSC 0856.JPG
Chassis done. Right rear quadrant
Left front view
Right front view
Rear of the case