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Here it is, my new Mini ITX box. I couldn't find a case I liked so I decided to make my own. This box has dual hard disks, a satallite card, a DVD rom drive, and a custom 2x16 red LCD and IR receiver module (homebrew). Here are some pics:

The LCD module from and the USB to ttl adapter from a phone data cable
The hardware block assembled without a case or chassis.
The chassis with the hard disks installed.
The DVD carrier holds it in position with respect to the front panel.
Another view of the DVD carrier.
Front top view with ide cabless.
Front view with dvd and ide cabless.

Right front view (DVD not yet installed)
Here it is with the new faceplate and DVD installed. The top isn't bolted down and the wood has not been finished yet.
...and here it is with two coats of Boiled Linseed Oil sitting in my living room.