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Tube Amp

Building a 832 push pull amp from scratch. here's some pictures:

Here's the layout of the major components on paper. Next I'll start cutting the aluminum panel.
The 832a dual beam pentode with the 12at7 dual triode (first stage) next to it.
Just starting drilling on the chassis The panel came with those deep scratches in it. If I can't get them out I'll paint the panel black.
The chassis with the transformers and terminals mounted. check out the finish on the panel.
The completed chassis. Time to start cutting some wood.

Mini ITX Box

Here it is, my new Mini ITX box. I couldn't find a case I liked so I decided to make my own. This box has dual hard disks, a satallite card, a DVD rom drive, and a custom 2x16 red LCD and IR receiver module (homebrew). Here are some pics:

The LCD module from and the USB to ttl adapter from a phone data cable
The hardware block assembled without a case or chassis.
The chassis with the hard disks installed.
The DVD carrier holds it in position with respect to the front panel.
Another view of the DVD carrier.
Front top view with ide cabless.
Front view with dvd and ide cables.
Side view with dvd and ide cabless.
Front side view with dvd and ide cables.
Everything but the LCD now.
this little space required a custom wiring harness.
Here is a side view with the top still off. you can see the cable for the lcd just below the DVD.
Here's one of the back showing the cooling air intake slots as well as the other connections to the box. The plug on the upper left is power and the two above the DVI are for LNB input and passthrough for the satellite card.
and one last view with the top off.
one with the LCD working.
...and here it is with two coats of Boiled Linseed Oil sitting in my living room.