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My Install

==Get the archive==

Flash The The LinkStation firmware flasher

Login to the machine and get started

# telnet 192.168.1.XXX
Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 %h

Change the root password

passwd root

Get and update with apt-get

apt-get update
apt-get install ssh
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install samba smbfs
apt-get install webmin webmin-core webmin-cpan webmin-inetd webmin-logrotate webmin-firewall
apt-get install webmin-samba
rm /etc/rc2.d/S05utelnetd

Freeing up space on hda1

cp -Rdp /home /mnt
rm -R   /home
ln -s /mnt/home /home
cp -Rdp /usr /mnt
rm -R   /usr
ln -s /mnt/usr /usr
cp -Rdp /var /mnt
rm -R   /var
ln -s /mnt/var /var

Correct the system time and setup Network Time Protocol (NTP)

apt-get install ntp ntp-simple ntp-server ntpdate

Upgrade to the 2.6-kernel (ppc only)

tar -C / -xvzf latest-webinstaller.tar.gz


Install an Encrypted Filespace with EncFS

tar -C / -xvzf fuse_2.5.3-binaries-ppc.tar.gz
apt-get install encfs

Macintosh related configuration, netatalk, mt-daapd

tar -C / -xvzf libid3tag_0.15.1b-binaries-ppc.tar.gz
tar -C / -xvzf mtdaapd_0.2.4-binaries-ppc.tar.gz
mv /etc/mt-daapd.SAMPLE /etc/mt-daapd

Then edit /etc/mt-daapd/*. When done,

/etc/init.d/mt-daapd start

USB Palm OS Device as an LCD Display

apt-get install lcdproc
apt-get remove lcdproc
tar -xvzf lcdproc-0.4.5.tar.gz
cd lcdproc-0.4.5
make install

Install Ipkg on the Linkstation (for end-users)

tar -C / -xvzf powerpc-hdhlan-ipkg-0.99.153-1.tgz

Add the following lines to the file /etc/ipkg.conf:

src nslu2-cross-stable
src nslu2-cross-unstable
src nslu2-native-stable
src nslu2-native-unstable

XBMC - Using Xbox Media Center with the LinkStation

ipkg install ccxstream