Using a custom kernel and loader.o

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Note: This is just groundwork and is nothing more than JavaScouts quick guide to his patch set.

Plenty of other people have already written how to's

How to apply a kernel patch

Article on compling a kernel

Basically its

cd /usr/src
tar xvjf linux-2.6.15.tar.bz2
cd linux-2.6.15
bunzip2 kurobox-sources-2.6.15.patch.bz2
patch -p1 < kurobox-sources-2.6.15.patch
cp config_kuroboxhg to .config
make oldconfig
make vmlinux modules modules_install
objcopy -O binary vmlinux /boot/vmlinux-2.6.15-kurobox
cd /boot
sync;insmod loader.o kernel=vmlinux-2.6.15-kurobox

If you need to change the kernel config replace make oldconfig with make menuconfig