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ATA over Ethernet (AoE)[1] is a network protocol developed by the Brantley Coile Company (now Coraid)[2], designed for accessing ATA storage devices over Ethernet networks. It gives the possibility to build SANs with low-cost, standard technologies. AoE does not rely on network layers above Ethernet, such as IP, UDP, TCP, etc. This means that AoE is not routable over LANs and is intended for SANs only. An alternative to iSCSI, the AoE specification[3] [4] is 8 pages compared with iSCSI's[5] 257 pages.


There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions. Please make sure that you read the entire page carefully. This was a proof of concept exercise that someone on the IRC proposed. I bricked my LS the first time I played with this and had to reflash


The Linkstation is used as a server to install vblade and a computer running ubuntu used as a client to install aoetools. This version of vblade runs in userspace, however there is a version that runs in kernelspace.[6]

I had bricked my LS when trying to mount an internal partition the first time, so I used a usb drive this time around. Which on my L LinkStation was /dev/sda1

Server (vblade)


Use aptitude to install vblade componant of AOE. You will need to have the unstable branch added: Get access to packages from the Debian unstable branch

apt-get install vblade

usage: vblade <shelf> <slot> <ethn> <device>

vblade 1 2 eth0 /dev/sda1 &

Client (aoetools)

Install the aoetools[7] package [8] using aptitude. You will need to have Unstable (Debian) or Testing (Debian) branch enabled.

In this case I have a PIII/600 Compaq Armada laptop running Ubuntu Dapper Drake.

sudo apt-get aoetools
mkdir mountpoint
sudo modprobe aoe
sudo aoe-stat

   e1.2        20.003GB   eth0 up

Mount this device on your client

sudo mount -t vfat /dev/etherd/e1.2 mountpoint/

and try it out

cd mountpoint
ls -la

hopefully it works. There is some useful Linux support on the Coraid site[9]


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