X Windows on LSPro

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Installing X Windows on LSPro

I have been attempting to get GDM running on the LSPro to allow me to do a remote X login.

The idea is fairly straight forward, I want to install the X server on a WindowsXP machine, that will allow me to connect to the linkstation and have the linkstation be the actual X server. *WARNING* X server/client terminology is awfully confusing. This is the convention I am using here:

1. X Server is a program running on the LinkStation that will allow an X client to connect to it. This is, typically, gdm or kdm controlled. 2. X Client is a remote PC, be it XP or Linux.

The X client I am using for Windows Vista is XMing. I have been using this for some time at work to connect an X session within XP to a Debian configured Linux box.

---+++ Installing X-Ming