X Windows on LSPro

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Installing X Windows on LSPro

I have been attempting to get GDM running on the LSPro to allow me to do a remote X login.

The idea is fairly straight forward, I want to install the X server on a WindowsXP machine, that will allow me to connect to the linkstation and have the linkstation be the actual X server. *WARNING* X server/client terminology is awfully confusing. This is the convention I am using here:

1. X Server is a program running on the LinkStation that will allow an X client to connect to it. This is, typically, gdm or kdm controlled. 2. X Client is a remote PC, be it XP or Linux.

The X client I am using for Windows Vista is XMing. I have been using this for some time at work to connect an X session within XP to a Debian configured Linux box.

Installing X-Ming

X-Ming can be obtained from SourceForge at [1]. Install each of the packages.

Start X-Ming launcher (X-Launch) and follow these steps for configuration:

1. At Select Display Settings, select 'One Window'. This is my preferred approach and I would suggest you use this until you have confirmed everything is working just fine. 2. At Select how to start Xming, select 'Open sessions via XDMCP' 3. At Configure a remote XDMCP connection, select 'Search for hosts (broadcast)' 4. At Specify parameter settings, just select next. 5. Save configuration to an easily accessable xlaunch file. This will be what you will use to activate X-Ming.