Analysis of the Firmware Download and Upgrade Process

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This is an analysis of how Linkstations and Terastations are updating. This gives valuable insights on where to get the firmware without any password.


This analysis has been done on a LS-WVL with firmware 1.52. It should be valid for at least for all other Linkstations sharing the same firmware (LS-AVL, LS-CHL-V2, LS-VL, LS-QVL, LS-SL, LS-WSXL, LS-WXL, LS-XHL) and for Terastation X- and V-Series (checked with V-Series 1.14 firmware).

If your box is matching this description, please add it to the list.


    BUILDDATE=2011/07/19 19:58:30
  • The zip-file is downloaded using wget without any special parameters. It can be unzipped without password.
    • Binaries can be extracted without password. The contents of these files is e.g.:
234121284  12-09-2011 08:15   hddrootfs.buffalo.updated
  9613712  12-09-2011 08:15   initrd.buffalo
   407704  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lsqvl.bin
   236120  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lssl.bin
   401608  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lsvl.bin
   407704  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lswvl.bin
   407448  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lswxl.bin
   401352  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lsxh.bin
   401508  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lsxl.bin
   408060  11-14-2011 02:54   u-boot_lsxlv2_64mb.bin
  2135060  12-09-2011 08:09   uImage-88f5182.buffalo
  2729776  12-09-2011 08:10   uImage-lsp.5.x.buffalo
      337  12-09-2011 08:10
      408  12-09-2011 08:10
  • hddrootfs.buffalo.updated is a .tar.gz containing the root-filesystem. For all other files, please refer to the XXX
  • After download, all file contained in the zip-file will be moved to /boot.
  • The update itself will be performed when rebooting the system. (What is automatically done when performing a "Update" via the Web-UI). Please refer to Analysis of the ARM9 boot process for more information about this.

Major and Minor versions

This is a list of some major and minor versions. Please add more if you get them known.

Linkstation Series

major minor comment
1.57 3.57
1.56 2.90
1.52 2.81
1.41 2.58 no longer available for download

Terastation V-Series

major minor comment
1.14 1.36
1.04 0.71

Intermediate Insights

These insights have been found while analyzing the update process. They may be relevant again if the above results are no longer valid.

  • Update script: /etc/cron/cron.d/ (links to /etc/rc.d/sysinit.d/
All relevant paths and URLs are at the top.
  • Results of XML-parsing go into `/tmp/fwinfo` (`$RESULT_FILE`)
  • Release-note go into `/tmp/fwinfo_note` (`$RELEASE_DST`)
  • XML gets parsed by file:`/usr/local/bin/`