Convert your MIPSel LinkStation into a full-blown Debian system

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Temporary Tutorial
The information here will change a lot in the future but wanted to get the information out here.

Originally by TcT and edited by frontalot from


You can get the required files here and find more information in the linkstationwiki forum! until a nicer article finds it way here.


You don't have to open the linkstation in order to install Debian on it. You just need telnet access to your linkstation.

  1. Download the debil installer
  2. unpack it
  3. run the script this will take you to the debian installer after downloading it
  4. After the installer is finished you have to swap your partitions using the included swappart program

This is just a quick overview for detailed instructions have a look at the [hacking howto (PDF)] at the page linked above.


The installer script will take your previous network configuration to the debian installation. My installation didn't boot when DHCP was enabled, so to be on the save side use a static IP address.

You can always revert back to the stock firmware by running the swappart program again. In case something goes terribly wrong this can also be done from a PC when you connect the hard disk directly.