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The Kurobox's case measures 7.0” x 2.4” x 7.4” (17.8cm x 6.1cm x 18.8cm) and consists of four pieces, the left and right panels, the front bezel, and the rear panel, as well as a detachable mount for standing the Kurobox vertically. The casing follows the standard Buffalo style, similar to the Buffalo Linkstation but not the Linkstation Pro or Drivestation. Unlike the Linkstation, however, the external housing's left and right pieces are made of black plastic instead of white, and are marked with the Kurobox logo on both sides.

Side Panels

The side panels are made with black plastic, and feature the Kurobox Japanese kanji, as well as the english text "KURO BOX" written in white.

Front Bezel

Like similar Buffalo styled housing, the front bezel is a piece of dark grey plastic shaped like the letter 'U', and has a reflective plate in the center. The reflective plate comes shipped with a transparent blue protective cover to ensure the mirror finish stays clean and scratch-free. The plate has holes pre-drilled and labels for the four Hardware LEDs and Power button as well as a hole for the front USB port in the case of the Kurobox HG.

Rear Panel

The rear of the Kurobox is a detachable piece made of the same plastic as the front bezel. It contains pre-drilled holes for the exhaust fan, rear USB port, LAN connection, and power cable.


While the majority of interest is in modifying the system contents of the Kurobox, some projects may include physical modifications to the Kurobox case, such as adding additional USB ports. A simpler case modification project idea could be painting the housing or adding a window.