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LS CL-size-2.jpg
CPU MARVELL 88F5182 Media Vault Processor

System on Chip(SOC)
CPU: ARM926EJ-S revision 0 (v5l) armv5tejl
running @ 266 BogoMIPS (probably 400MHz)
SysClock = ? , TClock = ?

RAM 128MB total: Two (2) NANYA NT5TU32M16AG
Flash ROM Flash: SST (unknown capacity)
Other -
NIC MARVELL 88E1118 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver
USB 1 - USB 2.0 Max: 480 Mbps (HS Mode), Max: 12 Mbps (FS Mode)
SATA Controller Marvell Serial ATA Adapter - Internal drive is formatted as XFS file system
Drive Capacity 500GB


The LS-CL is marketed as the LinkStation EZ and comes in a black case. It is almost identical, in terms of hardware, to the LS Pro and LS Live and use the same board(MVKKT-BB) as LS-CHL It is quite different from the LS-LGL.

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