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Open Contests


Recently there has been some discussion on IRC about the effect of the contests held by Revolution and forwarding the community itself. I cannot argue the contests are harmful to Kurobox, as the contests have helped our numbers grow by leaps and bounds. Now, I challenge people to take the next steps. Welcome to OpenContests.

What is OpenContests

OpenContests is nothing more than a movement. You gain nothing by entering the contest in and OpenContests manner. Think of it as a challenge. The concept is simple, instead of sitting in your office/basement/lab etc and sending your entry off to Revolution secretly in the night, you just run it in OpenContests space.

What do you mean OpenContests space

OpenContests intends to put on display everything you are working on as you work on it. All you need to do is make a wiki page and link to the contests section below when you are working on your entry. Don't wait until the end. Do it early, update it often. Show off to people what you are working on. Basically develop your contest entry out in the open.

Are there any benefits to OpenContests

You mean besides the adoration of you orther Kuroboxers? You mean besides the utter fear you instill in others when they realize your entry is so cool that you don't care that they know because they still cannot beat you?

Ok well I can help out with intangibles: will provide

  • forwarding address
  • Upload space for contest entries
  • Wiki space to develop
  • Web space to add content
  • Help from others in the community. Of course!

Won't people just steal my entry and use it themselves

Well I can't say no. Are you an 'all people are good' person? It is a personal choice to enter a contest via OpenContests. You have to decide if it is the chase you enjoy more or the finish line. All we can do is try the concept. If we find rampant cheating then I guess the self-regulating bazaar will just stop using OpenContests.

How to Post an Open Contest Entry

All that is necessary to take part in the open contest format is to create a wiki page and add the tag [[Category:Open_Contest]] to the bottom of the page along with any other pertinent categories and your entry will automaticlly be listed on this page.

Don't forget to email to actually enter the contest. Using the open contest format doesn't automatically enter your project in the contest. It just makes others fear you and your entry.


This effort is not sanctioned by Revolution. Revolution was not invloved at all in its genesis. They people who were invloved are:

  • People on
  • Sylver
  • tampakuro (dtaylor)
  • Sorry to others I might have missed.

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