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all info about mipsel-kernel-compilation should get here....

we know the loader.o ejii already booted a custom kernel...hopefully someone has time to look at the kernel...


all info about arm9-kernel-compilation should get here...

EricC already booted a custom kernel with the stock UBoot.

What is important to get it running:
1) Setup the codesourcery cross toolchain
2) download the GPL-source and untar the kernel stuff
3) using the supplied config modify it with make menuconfig to your needs
4) compile it
5) compile the modules
6) just trying to load gets your LS Pro into EM Mode.
this is because it compares the date of the kernel with the date mentioned in /etc/linkstation_release.
you have to modify this file so it uses the same date as the kernel was compiled....
if you compiled it just before use the date of the current day...
it is unclear but possible that any day after the kernel compilation date is valid
7) reboot....the box should boot with the new kernel!