Changing disk to LS PRO DUO

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So, you need to change LS PRO DUO hard disk. I've broken one of my hard disks (raid array) and it didn't get fixed by Pro Duos tools. This is path I used to change harddisk

Open Pro Duo

Pro hdd change 1.jpg

This phase doesn't have any magic, if you know how to use screwdriver, then you can do it.

  1. Unplug you Pro Duo
  2. Open two screws from bottom of front panel "feets" (pic 1)
  3. Pull front panel from bottom to remove it

Get disk out

Pro hdd change 2.jpg

Same as before, it ain't rocket science

  1. Unplug cables from disk
  2. Open screw from disk swap (pic2)
  3. Pull disk out. You may also need to pull it bit up same time.

Get disk out of swap

Pro hdd change 3.jpg
  1. Just open two screws from swap and
  2. change swap to new hard disk

To install disk, just go backwards with this "tutorial" :)

After disk replacement it needed to be rearranged, etc... this took about three hours. After that raid array was OK and all data was where it should be.

When I removed other disk, I started Pro Duo before installing new disk. Not sure if this is needed, but at least Pro Duo then realize that one of disks were missing. My old disk was Hitachi and new is Samsung. "New" disk have been used in Windows machine. I just removed partition information from "new" disk, before installed it to Pro Duo.