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Why you should not use kuroevtd

kuroevtd is old and is not working well ! Most people can't switch off their kurobox by pressing the power button, and it's kuroevtd's fault ;) kuroevtd's author didn't stopped his project, he just renamed it to avr_evtd as it can runs on the kurobox, but also on linkstation devices !

When you have installed Sylver's improved Debian image, this has already been done!

Install avr_evtd

tar xzf avr_evtd020606.tar.bz2
cd avr_evtd/usr/src/avr_evtd
  • Make sure you have installed the required packages to compile these files
apt-get install gcc
apt-get install libc6-dev
  • Build the file
make avr_evtd
  • Install the file
make install
  • Make avr_evtd running at startup and stopping at shutdown
cd /etc/rc0.d/
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd K20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc1.d/
ln -s /init.d/avr_evtd K20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc2.d/
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd S20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc3.d/
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd K20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc4.d/
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd S20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc5.d/
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd S20avr_evtd
cd /etc/rc6.d/ 
ln -s ../init.d/avr_evtd K20avr_evtd

Remove kuroevtd

To avoid conflict between 2 applications that have the same goal, you need to remove kuroevtd :

  • remove script file
rm /etc/init.d/kuroevtd 
  • remove start/stop symlinks
rm /etc/rc?.d/K20kuroevtd /etc/rc?.d/S20kuroevtd
  • remove configuration files
rm -r /etc/kuroevtd
  • remove application
rm /usr/sbin/kuroevtd


Now your power button can be used normaly (yeah !) You can also edit /etc/avr_evtd/EventScript file to assign different actions for a button (sending a message to a network device before shutting down for example, running a backup script when pressing the red button ...) !

--Sylver 14:59, 14 June 2006 (CDT)