Disassemble the LS Pro v2 / LS Live v2

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LS Pro v2 /LS Live v2 ?

Buffalo changed the hardware of the LS Pro / LS Live. At the beginning the LS Pro & LS Live were using the same hardware layout. but the hardware layout has changed. now the mainboard looks like the Kurobox Pro...with a striped down daughterboard and without the 256 MB NAND Flash.

Why should i disassemble my LS Pro v2 / LS Live v2?

  • If you want to upgrade the HDD inside
  • If your box is unbootable and you want to connect it to a desktop for data recovery
  • If you want to solder headers for serial to the board
  • If you want to solder the JTAG headers for reviving
  • because you can!

How to get out the HDD

All steps below in a full video:

Video - LS Live v2 Disassembly FULL

10 Steps to get the HDD out of the Case

1. Remove the screw. Note the hole for the custom serial plug.
New LS Live Disassembly 1.JPG

2. Remove the Front
New LS Live Disassembly 3.JPG

Video - Opening Front of new LS Live

3. Remove the 2 screws.
New LS Live Disassembly 2.JPG

4. Remove the side
New LS Live Disassembly 4.JPG

Video - Opening Side of new LS Live

5. Remove the 2 screws. Notice the Board Code and that it was made in China.
Sluk: If you just want to take out the hard disk, no need to remove the side panel in step 3 & 4 or the mainboard in step 7 & 8, just remove the 2 more screws on 2 side behind the daughter board and the hard disk can be completely take out. Picture below show one of the screw in the daughter board's right side, the other screw is located in lower left corner behind the daughter board. New LS Live Disassembly 5.JPG

6. Remove the daughterboard
New LS Live Disassembly 6.JPG

Video - Removing the daughterboard

7. Remove the four screws. Notice the holes for JTAG and serial.
New LS Live Disassembly 7.JPG

8. Remove the mainboard
New LS Live Disassembly 8.JPG

Video - Removing the mainboard

9. Remove the 2 screws that are holding the hdd in place.
New LS Live Disassembly 9.JPG

10. Get out the hdd!
New LS Live Disassembly 10.JPG

Video - Getting out the HDD