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Freelinkomatix is currently deprecated due to Debian moving to ETCH. You may be able to use this script by doing a Dist-upgrade first (apt-get dist-uprade) and then rebooting and running the script, however please use this information at your risk


There is a possibility that you could brick your NAS with these instructions. Please make sure that you read the entire page carefully. Use this scripting at your risk

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FreeLinkomatix is a tool for the Debian version of Linux used on the Buffalo LinkStation called FreeLink. It is designed to automate the addition of applications, libraries, and the upgrade to a v2.6 kernel (PPC linkstations only: LS1 and HG) which is not provided directly in the FreeLink distribution. A bash shell script modeled after Automatix will use apt-get to install applications from the APT debian repository. Some software will come from, the remainder will be compiled from source. This supports both the PowerPC and MIPSel versions of FreeLink. This script is similar to Andre's Web Installer. The script also looks for the most recent version of itself.

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This is meant to be run on a FRESH FreeLink install. It's probably not a good idea to run it on an already heavily customized FreeLink box. Regardless it performs actions mostly through apt-get and should not cause irreversible damage.

Current actions of script

Primary Script

  1. Update apt-repositories....
  2. Install DHCP-3 client if not present
  3. Move /home /usr /var from hda1 to hda3 and create symlinks
  4. Install Samba
  5. Troubleshooting Windows shares (samba) - guest access
  6. Install Webmin 1.3 and StressFree Solutions Tiger Webmin Theme
  7. Allow all IPs for Webmin
  8. Install SSH SSHd and the associated Webmin module
  9. Install ProFTPd and Webmin module
  10. Configure the time zone and use NTPdate
  11. Install the Precompiled C development environment
  12. Upgrade to Kernel 2.6 using Andre's web installer (PowerPC only)

Post Kernel 2.6 Script

PPC linkstations only: LS1 and HG

  1. Add Kernel Network File System (NFS) and the Webmin Exports module
  2. Install Rsync and download Webmin module rsyncmin
  3. Add USB Automounting and CUPS Printer Support
  4. Macintosh Specific Netatalk and Howl Zeroconf DNS discovery service
  5. Add Firefly (mt-daapd) Media Server
  6. Ccxstream - Xbox Media Stream Protocol
  7. KAID - XLink Kai online gaming for Xbox, 360, PS2 and PSP
  8. LAMP and Gallery2 Photo gallery

Remaining Goals

  1. Jinzora - web based multimedia application
  2. SlimServer server software that powers audio players from SlimDevices
  3. GMediaServer - GNU UPnP media server
  4. Wizd - A Media Server for Syabas based players
  5. Ushare - UPnP Media Server for Linux
  6. Virtual Private Networking - PPTP

BASH Script Location

The in progress script is located in the talk/discussion page, anyone is free to change it:

The Downloadable for use version is located at

Forum Discussion

Linkstation Community Forum / General Development /


  • Install FreeLink First: Get the archive
Linkstation-debdux.gif LS1

  • Flash The The LinkStation firmware flasher
    • Open the archive and carefully read the included README file for any specific instructions.
    • Disable any firewall(s), including any built-in Windows firewall
    • Make sure the LinkStation and your PC are on the same sub-network. This likely requires that you change the IP address (and probably the subnet-mask) of your PC and router to a different IP address (out of the box the LS should start out on 192.168.1.XXX but in EM Mode it will have a static IP address of
    • Run the firmware updater executable HD-???LAN FWUpdate-english.exe
    • After finding your LinkStation, press the "Renew Firmware" button, and wait. Have patience, and keep your calm. If you think the Firmware updater is acting strange, do not try to disconnect the LinkStation or abort the update in another way.
    • After flashing connect your LinkStation up to the network with subnet 192.168.1.XXX
    • Find your LinkStation on the network and Telnet to it with PuTTYtel You will be at the root shell.
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The MIPSel version of FreeLink does not have telnet enabled as a default but rather SSH. Use PuTTY to open a SSH session to: (it has a static IP).
login as: root , password: freelink

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 %h


    • Change the root password
passwd root

Primary Script

On a newly FreeLinked Linkstation you can get and install FreeLinkomatix with the following:

chmod a+x

Post Kernel 2.6 Script

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The Post Kernel 2.6 Script is for PPC linkstations only: LS1 and HG

After Kernel 2.6 is done installing and the system reboots, Find your LinkStation on the network and open an SSH session to it with PuTTYtel, at this point you should be able to run the secondary script:

chmod a+x