Identify your Board

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Identify the Board of your Box


Please document here if you succeed gathering the information for your board.

On Stock Firmware

Tested on a LS-WVL with firmware 1.52

You need shell access to the machine.

   $ dmesg | grep -i board
   Marvell Development Board (LSP Version KW_LSP_5.1.3_patch13)-- MVLSWV  Soc: 88F6282 A0 LE

For uBoot, your config will be `buffalo_mvlswvl_6282_config`.

On a Debianized System

Tested on Debian 6 ("Squeeze") with a kernel 2.6.31 from stock firmware 1.52


 # cat /proc/buffalo/board_info 
 # cat /proc/soc_type | head -n 2
 MV88F6282 Rev 0
 L2 Enabled

The last two digits from the BoardId should match the end of the board-type from the first line of the second command. Here it is 82 and MV88F6282. So for uBoot, search the Makefile for your board-name, e.g

grep -i MVLSWV Makefile

This will hopefully gives you a single entry containing your board-type and ending with the board-id, e.g. buffalo_mvlswvl_6282_config.