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TeraStation Mainboard Front
TeraStation Mainboard Back

On the TeraStation mainboard you will find the following chips:

The chips are also listed in this posting on some Japanese BBS. Here is a replica of the uninformative official specification.

Beside the mainboard, there is also a small board in the front panel to control the LEDs. It's connected to the TERAPWP001 MCU with a 5 pin connection via CN17.

For the 1.0TB version, the disk array consists of

  • four Maxtor 6B250R0 hard disc drives
    • 251000MB, CHS=30515/255/63. Marketing calls this 250GB
    • 16384KiB Cache



  • four Samsung SP2514N hard disc drives
    • 238473MB, CHS=30401/255/63
    • 8MB Cache


See also Harddisk Layout.