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The JTAG interface will allow you to modify the flash memory and other interesting debugging features. This page lists open source software which can program the JTAG port.

The software pages start after you have added a JTAG port and built or purchased an interface cable. See Add Jtag Port for a list of cable vendors.

WARNING: Please remember that the flash memory addresses may differ between the various models. Make sure you know which model you have.

JTAG Software


Openwince is a collection of tools for programming on Windows CE devices. The JTAG utility is a small part of that project. It supports only parallel port cables, and has not made a release for a while. For an up to date version, consider UrJTAG (below).


UrJTAG is a fork of the Openwince JTAG Tools, which continues its development, adding features and support for more cables, e.g. FT2232-based USB cables, flash devices, CPUs, etc.


OpenOCD (On Chip Debugger) is a complete debugging environment for various embedded hardware. It supports a large variety of interface cables, including many USB cables.


HairyDairyMaid is a debrick utility / firmware flasher, originally written for the Linksys WRT54G.

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