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The discussion relating to the Kurobox Wiki talk at Main Page's discussions. Kurobox Wiki

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15:49:03 < tampakuro> anybody in charge here?
15:51:32 < Shrike> Of what?
15:51:44 < tampakuro> the wiki
15:51:59 < tampakuro> Just a comment.
15:52:09 < ElGringo^> nope
15:52:47 < tampakuro> I have no problem whatsoever with you guys copying our (kurobox.com) technical information, in fact I'm all for
                      sharing the info,
15:53:12 < tampakuro> But do us a favor and don't copy out non-technical stuff
15:53:35 < tampakuro> like the definition on the bottom of the main linkstationwiki.net page
15:54:00 < tampakuro> It isn't even correct for your hardware.
15:55:50 < Shrike> I've no idea what you are talking about, but the guys that are actively doing the wiki aren't here now
15:56:00 < Shrike> You are talking about the new one, right?
15:56:17 < Shrike> Oh wait
15:56:21 < tampakuro> yes. the definition at the bottom of the main page.
15:57:02 < Shrike> Are you talking about "LinkStation ('li[ng]k-'stA-sh&n), n. 1. A Linux Based NAS device. 2. a highly hackable headless 
                   PowerPC or MIPS computer....."
15:57:22 < tampakuro> Yes.  didn't want to just edit the page and remove it. That would be uncool.
15:57:43 < Shrike> Why is it not correct?
15:58:21 < ElGringo^> never really looked at kurobox.com before. but it's true, looks *very* similar
15:58:43 < tampakuro> I guess it is correct, but can't your wiki writers come up with an original thought there?
15:59:36 < Shrike> I couldn't say, as so far I don't kow what you are talking about specifically?
15:59:59 < Shrike> Are you saying, LinkStation is hardware that is copied off KuroBox?
16:00:14 < ElGringo^> he's talking about the way the information is presented
16:00:17 < Shrike> Or are you saying the information on the wiki is copied off your site?
16:00:20 < ElGringo^> and he's right, imho
16:00:31 < ElGringo^> look at the bottom of "our" wiki
16:00:40 < ElGringo^> and then at the top of the kurobox.com wiki
16:00:47 < Shrike> I know, its dictionary formatted information
16:01:06 < tampakuro> No. I'm saying that somebody copied the top 4 or 5 lines of our wiki and pasted it almost verbatim into the bottom
                      4 or 5 lines of linkstationwiki.net.
16:01:23 < Shrike> "a highly hackable headless PowerPC computer. It has Ethernet, USB, and an optional serial port"
16:01:39 < ElGringo^> tampakuro is right. that's pretty uncool and lame
16:01:52  * Shrike *sigh*
16:02:06 < tampakuro> It isn't technical stuff, it is creative stuff that was copied there. Don't you guys want your wiki to be something
                      your group came up with?
16:02:07 < Shrike> I'll see to it that the editors get this note
16:02:51 < tampakuro> Like I said, feel free to copy or link to any technical stuff but you guys should want to come up with your own look.
16:03:08 < Shrike> No offence here, but that is 10-15 words and a highly accurate description. Are you talking it should be credited or
                   just pissed that the Wiki uses it?
16:03:39 < tampakuro> Otherwise, you might as well just join us in one big happy hacking group.
16:03:45 < Shrike> I'll let the editors know about it, none the less
16:04:17 < tampakuro> What I'm saying is that you should be coming up with your own creative stuff.
16:04:26 < Shrike> Yes. I got that already.
16:04:34 < tampakuro> Thanks guys.
16:04:43 < Shrike> np
16:07:42 < ElGringo^> btw, the explanation at the bottom of the page is pretty useless, anyway