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Using the Firmware Updater

It is aparent, like all of the Linkstations, that the firmware does not want to update the firmware if the LS-GL reports the same firmware version as the the one to be that's to be sent to the LS-GL (i.e. a modified firmware). The work around is to:

  • Add to lsupdater.ini
Debug = 1
  • Change in lsupdater.ini
VersionCheck = 1


VersionCheck = 0
  • Open linkstation_version.txt in any text editor (i.e. vi). Edit either the BOOT=, KERNEL=, INITRD=, or ROOTFS= (this is the main firmware and filesystem) to choose what to update by changing the version to a higher number.
    • i.e. by setting rootfs to a higher number, the filesystem will get updated, but uboot, kernel, and initrd won't get updated.
  • Steps originally drafted by Georg.

Note: We are not positive if only one segmet (i.e. rootfs) will get updated. This method must be fully tested to find this out.

jonli, should I move the following more technical part about Erics excellent work into a separate section? - Georg

Updater Specifications

  • As EricC documented on the LS-GL side clientUtil_server handles the update process and replies to various "ACP"-Commands, which are similar for the LS-GL and the Kurobox:
  • LSP Commands
8020 ACP_Discover
80A0 ACP_?? Possible Password?
8B10 ACP_?? Sent after 8080 and contains the filename. TCP File transfer starts after reply
8B20 ACP_?? Sent after TCP file transfer
  • LSP Responses
C020 ACP_Discover_Reply
COAO Reply of 80A0
CA10 ACP_CMD_Reply
CB10 ACP_??_Reply 8B10
CB20 ACP_??_Reply 8B20
CB21 Sent after CB20. Same format with data changes Update complete?
  • KuroBox Commands
8020 ACP_Discover
8090 ACP_Info_HDD
  • KuroBox Responses
C020 ACP_Discover_Reply
  • Looking at the command word
Bit 15 = 1
Bit 14 is 0 for command and 1 for reply
Bits 11 to 8 appear to be the command class
Bits 7 to 4 appear to be the command in the class.
Bits 3 to 0 appear to be a sequence number in the response.
  • The updater on the LS-GL receives ziped images and tries to unzip them by testing for the following passwords
    • 1NIf_2yUOlRDpYZUVNqboRpMBoZwT4PzoUvOPUp6l
    • aAhvlM1Yp7_2VSm6BhgkmTOrCN1JyE0C5Q6cB3oBB
    • YvSInIQopeipx66t_DCdfEvfP47qeVPhNhAuSYmA4
    • IeY8omJwGlGkIbJm2FH_MV4fLsXE8ieu0gNYwE6Ty

Custom Updater

See Opensource_Firmware_Updater and LS-GL Custom Updater Thread for more information.

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