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Final Decision

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July 6, 2006-September 10, 2007

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History of the left-behind LinkStationwiki.NET

7.9.07: Howto: Revive your arm9 box from scratch

7.9.07: Howto: Disassemble the LS Live v2

5.9.07: Updated Donations-page

31.8.07: foonas preview - svn942 screenshots
Old screenshots for svn 794

22.8.07: We need volunteers for reworking the wiki!
If you want to contribute to this community then post to this thread.
Some articles are outdated & many downloadlinks are broken because of the reorganisation of the downloadsection. We want to get this done before the new server is finally installed on the 7th September by ka6sox at OSUOSL.

18.8.07: LS Live - Changed Hardware!
All Users with this new LS Live are advised not to flash their boxes for now!

9.8.07: More than 1.000.000 Hits since 12 June 06
Beyond 1 million hits!

4.8.07: Real Pictures of the new Server available:

Silicon Server1.JPG Silicon Server2.JPG
Silicon Server3.JPG Silicon Server4.JPG
Silicon Server5.JPG

25.7.07: Anyone from europe wants to swap his TeraPro v1 with a TeraPro v2?


PRICE OF SERVER: 3193.23 EUR / 4350.23 USD
Based on 1 EUR = 1.36233 USD
  • Thanks to all who donated.
    We still need funds for the installation of the server and other ongoing development. If you haven't donated, please consider supporting this project.

Thats the server you all donated for!
Thanks 2 u all!

I will never say "i'll eat a shoe if we raise that amount of money" again :-)

27.6.07:Spare Parts Sale
As most of you know, Kuroguy has amassed a rather large pile of parts from old hacked linkstations (and even a terastation HS). Now is your chance to get some replacement parts for your NAS device. Kuroguy is selling off some of the spare parts in exchange for donations towards the new server. Available parts include internal power supplies that fit the Linkstations (120/240 volt), a front panel for a Terastation HS, case parts for the Linkstation Pro, cooling fans, etc. Make a Post in this thread if you are in need of a replacement part for your device.

27.6.07:Recent Downtime
Well the recent down time over last weekend just goes to justify the need for a stable reliable hosting solution which is only going to get worse as the community continues to grow. I know all the staff of are sorry for any inconvenience that the downtime caused our community it was due to situations beyond our control and help justify our reason behind the fund raising drive we are currently doing. I would like to thank everyone who has already donated to help improve this community. And I would also like to ask any other community member who has not donated to please consider making a small donation to our community. For more info about the what we are trying to do to prevent this from occurring in the future you might want to check out this thread for more info

20.6.07: The 2007 Linkstation Wiki Donation Drive
Please think about a donation.

23.5.07: LS Pro JTAG tested and confirmed working. After a few long nights and days and with the help and support of many on the IRC we have successfully revived two (2) LS Pro bricks. We have also confirmed that a full flash to a blank flash chip is possible. The process has been chronicled here. Our next step is to get the working version of OpenOCD and a process on how to use it out to the masses.

Many thanks to Kuroguy, Drath, Peteheff, and Jonli447 for making this all possible.

14.5.07: Real info about the Terastation Pro v2
It is NOT based on uses the same CPU-architecture as the LS Pro/LS Live/KuroboxPro.

9.5.07: Kuroguy has determined the pinout for JTAG on the LS Pro. Kuroguy used a torch to remove the SOC from one of his dead LS Pros and from a damaged Kuro pro and then followed the traces with a continuity tester. The results are that we now know the pin descriptions for the JTAG port on the LS Pro. Mdfirefighter installed the JTAG header in his LS Pro and was able to detect the chain. Pass the U-Boot source code and lets start fixing those bricked LS Pros too.

25.04.07: Everyone can help finishing the forum port! Look at the status of the forum port here. There you can see what you can do to speed up the migration. The more partiticipate the faster it is done.

24.04.07: bbcodes (all tags) are disabled by defaults for all registered users in the forum. but this can be easily fixed by all users. Click on "User Control Center" on the top right, then "forum preferences" on the left and finally "Edit posting defaults". there you can uncheck the "Disable bbcodes"-option. i encourage every user to uncheck this option, we will try to enable bbcodes by default for all users in the future. (just4info: there you can edit the default email-notification-behaviour as well)

24.04.07: Forums back online: As we were not able to transfer the PMs to the new forum you can access the old forum here for 2 weeks. There is still some work needed as several tags did not convert properly, we will fix that in the important postings. Also be aware to uncheck "bbcodes disabled" when posting until we found out why it is set by default for normal users. Report back in this thread. Thx for your patience.

18.04.07: Forums will be closed until April 22, 2007, 6:00 AM GMT for forum maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

11.04.07: Current Status of Development

27.3.07: Donations needed: With the release of several new hardware types and new development ongoing on the LS2 we have worked our way through almost all the funds in the treasury. The last purchase of 10 JTAG adapters (to be distributed with development boxes) put the treasury at less than $5 euros. Work is ongoing on the LS Pro kernel and hardware modifications as well as a kernel for the LS2. In fact, we have made great progress with the LS2 and it is only a matter of time before we release something. If you have benefited from this wiki and the work the developers do, please show your appreciation/support with a donation. If you have already donated, thanks for the support. If not think of supporting us and click the "Make a Donations"-Button on the top-left of the wiki.

25.3.07: The Big 2007 Linkstation Wiki Downloads Reorganisation
Its done! - directlink to downloadsection

Of course many links from the forums/wiki/other sources are broken now. please help us fixing all the links in the wiki and tell us in which valuable forum threads it is worth to fix the links here: forum thread

12.3.07: Add a fully functional eSATA port to the LS Pro. This is the first step in adding RAID 0 or RAID 1 to your Linkstation Pro.

8.3.2007: Development Box Tracking
You can see where a box came from...what happened to it...where it goes next....

6.3.2007: More pics of the Kurobox pro - here and here

1.3.2007: Pictures of the Kurobox Pro

- GenLink v1.0pre6 (arm9) available
- Running KDE's ksysguard Daemon on the Linkstation and connecting to it from the desktop

17.02.2007: Timtimred booted an OpenLink-OpenEmbedded-Snapshot on his HG
This means that UBoot, the kernel and the Linux-OS (compiled from OpenEmbedded) is all working. More info in this article.

9.2.2007: HowTo add a serial port to the LS pro WITHOUT soldering
If you are interested in a serial cable like this put your forum-name to the list.

26.1.2007: HowTo create custom partitions on the LS Pro using only EM Mode
Opening the box NOT necessary. Forum Thread

18.1.2007: FreeLink v1.0 (arm9) released!!!

11.1.2007: Current Status of Development

31.12.2006: LinkStation Pro Firmware Update Problem
Several users have had problems when updating custom firmware on the LS-GL. Please read this forum topic first to help with confusions and repeat support questions:
The Linkstation Community Forum / Linkstation Pro (arm9) / LS-GL Firmware Update Troubleshoot Fix

19.12.2006: Would you buy a prebuilt & ready2use LS pro serial-connector for 25 $?
Please participate in this POLL. It would be similar to the one lb_worm is using. We need to know how much demand is out there for that. Forum Thread

16.12.2006 New sections added to the mantis bug tracker

14.12.2006: Removing the HDD of the LS Pro in 2 minutes - Forum Thread

21.11.2006: JTAG fully working on the LS2!
After kuroguy modified his JTAG-cable for the LS2 he needed working software. The jtag-tools & HairyDairyMaid did not work initially. LinuxNotIncluded and Kuroguy modified the source of HairyDairyMaid and reading/writing to the flash via JTAG is now possible! This instantly means that we are able to recover LS2-bricks now AND that we can work on porting UBoot to it. This would fully open it like the ppc boxes.
read about it on the wiki and in the forum
Great work Kuroguy & LinuxNotIncluded!

21.11.2006: Current Status of Development

20.10.2006: DEVELOPERS ONLY - Native Toolchain for LS-Pro (LS-GL) ready for testing - ALPHA
Yuji created a tarball which can be downloaded from the downloadsection. Report back to the related forum thread. ---

20.10.2006: Tampakuro aka Kuroguy completely repaired the LS2 we bought via ebay and now he even has 2-way-communication via serial
Installation instructions for serial can be found on the "Hardware Hacks for the LS2"-Wikipage and the MIPS serial port installation page.

18.10.2006: FreeLinkomatix - a system setup script for the Debian version of Linux - BETA
This is a script for a fresh FreeLink install will install the commonly needed applications automatically and upgrade to a 2.6 kernel. Although it's still somewhat beta in nature it worked well at recreating a somewhat robust FreeLink install on a fresh hard drive for me on an HG and Stevos on a LS2. The script is open to modification by anyone and is kept here: Talk:FreeLinkomatix. There is also a discussion in the Forum: FreeLinkomatix - a system setup script for the Debian version of Linux - Ramuk 17:16, 18 October 2006 (EDT)

17.10.2006: Incremental update for OpenLink 0.5x -> 0.73b (LS1/HG/HS) moves to BETA
After mr.infinity and Davy_Gray tested the new script coded by mindbender successfully on a LS1 & HG the status was moved from alpha to beta. This script updates Openlink for all ppc-boxes to 0.73b. After that all boxes are in the same state(which is outlined in this changelog of 0.73b for the LS1) It is planned to enhance this script to support the LS2 (mips) also.

2.9.2006: U-Boot for LinkStation HG / KuroBox HG
linuxnotincluded finished porting U-Boot 1.1.4 version 2.0 which can be compiled for either LS1/KuroBox or LS-HG/KuroBox HG. Among other things it supports both U-Boot images and LinkStation "flashimg" images. A complete description can be found on his webpage or in the wiki: U-boot bootloader.

1.9.2006: JTAG and LS2?
Currently we have a discussion in the forums about developing a compatible JTAG cable for the LS2. tampakuro has offered to look what he can do to modify his current cable (which works with all ppc-boxes) to make it compatible. He of course has no LS2. The question is how we can provide him a development box temporary. Either buy one via donations or someone lends him one. Development on the LS2 is highly coupled to the presence of compatible JTAG cables.
Problem: the box could be bricked completely.
Please read through this forum thread and post your opinion

24.8.2006: Do we need the domain back?
or is this just a waste of donations? here are two links which you should look at before: Search Engine Rankings & pages with links to
please tell us your opinion by participating in the poll: Should we try to get back

20.8.2006: Das U-Boot ported to the LS1!
linuxnotincluded released a patch for u-boot 1.1.4 - the features are quite impressive. A complete description can be found on his webpage.

18.8.2006: telnet enabled & modified firmimg.bin flashed back to the Linkstation
@developers & power users: please post your comments to my suggestions here. this is a major breakthrough in my opinion. we can modify and open EM Mode kuroboxlike...we could even do more... Mindbender 14:38, 18 August 2006 (EDT)

02.8.2006: OpenLink-DevelopmentTools 2.1 released for ppc and mips Changelog - Installation Instructions

29.7.2006: MIP-SEL Freelink has moved from Alpha to Beta.

24.7.2006: ALPHA MIP-SEL Freelink available for testing. A Freelink version built on Debian sarge is available for testing from the downloads section under /freelink/development. There is also a posting on: The Linkstation Community Forum / General Development / Freelink for the mips - Testers required covering questions/answers. Please respond.

24.7.2006: We currently have two Polls running. Please participate. The outcome of the polls will affect what the donations will be used for in the future. Read this forum thread before:Poll on main page has an odd choice on the ballot? More choices?
Here are the polls: General Development - OpenLink Development
Leave a comment in the forum if you have an opinion: What direction should development go?

23.7.2006: Articles renamed to be sortable. Check out Category:All Pages to see what it looks like. Please add: Template:Articles to the top of any new article you make to help categorize it. Ramuk 16:58, 27 July 2006 (EDT)

21.7.2006: GPL-Source available for the Terastation HS, Terastation Pro and the Linkstation HS
If you look at the names of the files you will notice that the HS & the HG use the same GPL-Source.

16.7.2006: InterWiki to (prefix "terastationwiki") & (prefix "kuroboxwiki") is now working.
if you want to link to an article there just use the right prefix and the article-name.
This is the scheme:
[[ <prefix> : <article-name> | name of the link ]]
You can find examples and other valid prefixes here: InterWikiPrefixes.
Besides: we now have a nice Worldmap at the bottom of the sidebar
Mindbender 12:38, 16 July 2006 (EDT)

02.7.2006:Compare articles to make sure the original authors are given credit. Example at: Articles everything appears to be done by (Flavoie Timtim, Bauldrick, and Ramuk) and credited somehow, if you find an error please fix it. Ramuk 16:57, 30 June 2006 (EDT)

  • Add at the top
<font color=red><small> This article originally Based on work by Frontalot at </small></font>

30.6.2006: Linkstation-info belongs to the Linkstationwiki, Kurobox-info belongs to the Kurobox-wiki, Terastation-info belongs to the Terastation-Wiki
This is just a logical decision which helps users to find the right information in the adequate place and to prevent some to try stuff that will definitely not work on their box. So if there are some nice articles anywhere, link them but do not copy them.
As all three communities are using mediawiki now maybe InterWiki is the way to a virtual big community?
--Mindbender 02:10, 30 June 2006 (EDT)

28.6.2006: ElGringo has merged the topics and postings from the old forum into the current forum and it's like it was always here
He did an unbelievable job, saving a very important part of the community's knowledge. Some of the internal links in the forum do not work. If you linked articles from the Wiki to the Forum you'll have to fix the links. But otherwise it's a HUGE save.

28.6.2006: Anonymous access restored. You no longer have to login to edit pages. Unless there is vandalism or strong user feedback it will stay this way. I encourage you to login before making changes for traceability, but you are not required to. "Nix" on made the suggestion to go back to anonymous and I have no problem restoring it. If you have an opinion on this, check this thread and post a reply:
IMPORTANT: Future of
--flavoie 16:41, 28 June 2006 (EDT)

25.6.2006: Expect ElGringo to merge the topics and postings from the old forum into the current forum soon.
If you have not registered on the new forum yet: Do it!
If you register on the new forum there will be no problems getting your old account back. Later you may have to send an email to or you won't get your old nick + stats back.

22.6.2006: Look at the testforum ! ElGringo did some really nice work here. He parsed the html-pages of the old forum with some scripts and recreated all the threads + postings from the old forum!

We are currently thinking about how we should proceed with the forum transfer.

Please read this forum thread for more info: forum port

20.6.2006: Porting of all the wiki pages has finished
Thanks to Shrike, Bauldrick, Flavoie, timtimred (and maybe some unknown contributors) - all the information is ported to the new wiki now.

16.6.2006: Server & Domain Transfer
Because frontalot didn't show up by the 16th of June we decided to finally move to a new account at powweb and register a new domain. mindbender setup the wiki, the forum & the bugtracker - it was time to port all the information to a new site!

16.6.2006: Linkstation Image

I wanted to see if you would like to use this modified image of the linkstation. Its transparent as to show the background. --Goat 13:44, 16 June 2006 (CDT)
  • Looks good to me, if it also works for the logo. --Shrike 16:38, 16 June 2006 (EDT)
  • To me also. i already switched to the new pic. thx Goat :) --mindbender 23:47, 16 June 2006 (CET)

14.6.2006: Wiki Information Migration
We need to plan a bit, especially about how we should organize the information on this new wiki. The pages that we are creating now, copy/pasted off the old one, follow the highly disorganized and confusing way the old one was made. That is something I wanted to address in the bery beginning, so we might have a plan ready to go when everything is finally imported. --Shrike 19:43, 14 June 2006 (EDT)

We are currently moving all the information of the wiki at (which will expire on the 6th of July) to this wiki here at

14.6.2006: Designing a new Structure After moving the pure information, we will think of and implement a new structure in the wiki. We want to make it easier to find the information anyone is searching for. The main problem for that is that there are many different versions of the Linkstation (LS1 , LS2, HG, HS)

Then we can finally go back to the stuff we really like: Develop the software & firmware images and enhance the linkstation.