List of ipkg feeds for the LinkStation

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This information is based on the work of frontalot & nix from


Configuring your LinkStation to use a Feed

See Ipkg on the Linkstation (for end-users) for how to get started. OpenLink firmwares version 0.60beta (unstable) is preconfigured for the feed. All stable version above come preconfigured for the feeds.

See the configuration file documentation for more details. Feeds

  • Ipkg files from the NSLU2 feed intended for the Synology DS101G which has a Freescale MPC8241 266MHz processor, may work on the PowerPC LinkStations (LS1 and HG).

Feed Compilation Comment Cross Stable powerpc packages Cross Unstable powerpc packages Native Stable powerpc packages Native Unstable powerpc packages

Other Feeds

  • Alexander Skwar, offering mostly server tools for MIPSEL
Feed Compilation Comment Native Unstable mipsel package

Setting up a Custom Feed

It is relatively simple to set up your own feed, e.g., for distributing LinkStation software via the Internet or within a company's Intranet. See here for information on this matter.

Other Communities Using Ipkg