Manual firmware recovery for LS Live v1

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To reinstall the original firmware on a LS Live v1 using only Linux, here is what I did.


Using fdisk, create partitions such as these. You can probably use different sizes as well.

sda1 Primary Linux 205MB
sda2 Primary Linux 500MB
sda5 Extended Linux Swap 500MB
sda6 Extended Linux (remainder of the disk)


mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
mkfs.xfs /dev/sda2
mkfs.xfs /dev/sda6
mkswap /dev/sda5


I used the firmware Copy the following files into the boot partition:


On the boot partition (sda1), do

$ date > rootfs_ok

This forces an ordinary boot, instead of EM mode.

I also unpacked hddrootfs.buffalo.updated onto the root partition (sda2).


Upon the first boot, there is plenty of hard drive activity while the Info LED flashes. (I assume it is unpacking hddrootfs, so the manual unpack is not really necessary.) It will reboot when done, fully working.

Logging in to the web interface (admin:password), I had to change the language and character set, as it was initially in Japanese. In addition, the storage space was not available, but this was fixed by formatting, again via the web interface.


This does not perform any actual flashing. Prior to this, I had used Gentoo, and its installation did not involve any flashing either, so this simple recovery via partitions and files was enough.