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MIPSel only
Right now this article is only for the MIPS based LinkStation II, but if you do have NFS kernel modules for the PPC based LinkStation I it should work the same way.

Prepare your Debian Installation

You need some tools from Debian for your NFS server, things like the portmapper and other RPC tools. Usually it should be enough just to do (as root or with root-permissions)

apt-get install nfs-kernel-server 

This will also install the necessary dependencies like 'nfs-common' or 'libwrap'. Now you have to setup your '/etc/exports' to set up the shares you want to mount on other machines (you'll find a lot of tutorials on that topic on the net).

The Files

You can download the latest kernel modules from the downloads area. Install the kernel modules per the README file. Use the latest 'nfs-mods-tools'.

Start the server

With everything in place, simply start the NFS server from the init-scripts with '/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start' and it should work. An 'lsmod' will show 'nfsd', 'lockd' and 'sunrpc' as loaded modules. Now you can try to connect to your fresh NFS server.


For that special "now that's cool"-effect I also installed mdnsresponder from Debian unstable, but the "official" version from Apple will do it, too. Now you can advertise your exports by adding something like

"LinkStation NFS"   _nfs._tcp   local.   2049   "path=/share/nfs"  

to '/etc/mdnsresponder/mDNSResponder.conf'. On a more recent Mac (with Mac OS X 10.2 or better) all these shares auto-magically show up in the '/Network' directory - no need to configure the automounter, fstab or NetInfo database.

It should also work with the latest Nautilus/Gnome 2.8 or Konqueror and KDE, as they can handle mDNS service discovery (AKA "ZeroConf" - or "Bonjour", formerly known as "Rendezvous")

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