Peer Guardian-based blocklist (Linblock)

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1.) Linblock allows you to incorporate the popular Peer Guardian blocklist into the Linkstation's firewall blocking rules. Download from

2.) Install the required CPAN and Perl packages. Use the command:

apt-get install libwww-perl libparse-cpan-packages-perl linux-kernel-headers libcompress-zlib-perl 

3.) Change the permissions on to executable. Use the command:

chmod +x 

4.) Install the required CPAN modules. Use the command:

cpan -i LWP Net::IP IPTables::IPv4  

5.) Run using the command:


6.) Alternately, you can install the required CPAN modules via the CPAN Webmin interface.

7.) Setup a cron job to automatically execute and update the blocklist. Use the command:

crontab -e  

8.) Please note that may take a long time to complete its tasks.

9.) You can clear the blocklist by flushing the iptables. Use the command: -f 
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