Performance tune the LinkStation hard drive with Hdparm

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OpenLink already comes with hdparm, and actually uses it during boot. The article Performance tuning the LinkStation hard drive describes the details of changing the setting.


1. Install hdparm if you haven't already:

apt-get install hdparm

2. Open up the hdparm configuration file and modify the performance settings:

pico /etc/hdparm.conf

3. Change the default ROOTFS settings to:

ROOTFS = /dev/hda

4. Add the following information at the end of hdparm.conf:

command_line {
hdparm -q[1] -m16[2] -c1[3] -u1[4] -S250[5] /dev/hda

5. Test your old performance settings:

hdparm -tT /dev/hda  

6. Reboot your LinkStation and retest your performance settings. Tada!

7. These particular settings may not always improve performance - try testing different settings.


  1. q tells hdparm to change the settings quietly.
  2. m16 sets the number of sectors to use for IDE block mode (multicount).
  3. c1 sets I/O support to 32-bit (from 16-bit).
  4. u1 enables unmasking of interrupts.
  5. S250 sets a spindown time of 5 hours.