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Why this article?

On the original and modified stockfirmwares we always have a some default shares. The normal "share" is not the problem, but "info" is as you cannot get rid of it. This article describes how to deal with that problem.

LS1/LS2/HG/HS with Openlink

Description of the mechanism



Automatic removal of the info share

Disabling updating of smb.conf

See How to disable the automatic update of smb.conf Linkstation (LS1/LS2) section.

LSPro/LSLive with stock or modified stock firmware

Description of the mechanism

nas_configgen!! (/usr/local/sbin/nas_configgen)

This is called by /etc/init.d/ in the configure() section.

 /usr/local/sbin/nas_configgen -c samba

This file with the correct arguments, will parse /etc/melco/shareinfo & /etc/melco/info to obtain the info required to create the smb.conf.

When you create/edit the shares/basic with the WebUi, shareinfo, info & the smb.conf are rewritten & the samba service is restarted by

Within nas_configgen, Buffalo have included a default [Global] section which requires a minimal amount of information taken from /etc/melco/info. Such as 'dos charset', 'netbios name', 'server string', 'wins server' & 'workgroup'. The default [info] share is also added at this point.

The shares sections added by the user in the WebUi, are then added at the bottom of the smb.conf. These are taken from /etc/melco/shareinfo, in the following format.


 share<>disk1<>LinkStation folder<>all<>all<>all<>all<>1<>1<>0<>0<><>0<>0<>0<>0;


 Share Name<>Disk<>Comment<>RW Users<>RW Groups<>RO Users<>RO Groups<>Windows<>Mac<>FTP<>Backup<>Backup Pass<>RO<>Trash<>Quota Status<>Quota Size;


If you have telnet/ssh access to your box & happy with editing files read on, else read How to enable telnet w/ ACP Commander (both hddrootfs in EM Mode) & Vi text editor tutorial

With sed

cp -a /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.orig
sed '/^\[info\]/,/guest ok = yes/d ; /^###info###/d' /etc/samba/smb.orig > /etc/samba/smb.conf

Paste that after line 20 in the /etc/init.d/ - info share is removed on restart, and every restart thereafter.

Warning: It's possible that the above sed line will not clean out the entire [info] stanza. In my case (LS-GL v2), the last line is not guest ok = yes but csc policy = disable. Also, if there's a problem with the sed command (eg sed gets corrupted) then smb.conf can end up empty. So perhaps this scriptlet will work more reliably:

sed '/^\[info\]$/,/^\[/{/^ /d;/^\[info\]$/d}' /etc/samba/smb.conf > /etc/samba/ &&
  mv /etc/samba/ /etc/samba/smb.conf

The conditional ensures that the new config file is not copied into place unless sed returns with no error.

With a perl script



Extract tarball ([1]) to /

cd /tmp
tar -C / -xzvf removeinfoshare.tgz

Add the following line to "/etc/init.d/" after "/usr/local/sbin/nas_configgen -c samba":


Configure SMB through the WebUI as normal.

Tarball Contents: