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Stock Firmware

For the sake of simplicity I will call the set of software that's factory installed on the TeraStation firmware.

The TeraStation is running MontaVista Linux. The actual version used is unknown (for the European 2.0 Firmware, uname -a shows that it is probably MontaVista Linux 3.1), and does not matter.

Without hacking it is not possible to figure out what kind of software is used, Buffalo decided to violate the GPL by only releasing the kernel source and not the rest of the sources. Of course the requirement to release the source only covers the GPL portions and doesn't cover anything that Buffalo has written 100% by themselves, but they use more GPLed software, not only the kernel. Recently Buffalo seems to be a little more forthcoming with the GPL portions. It does seem to be somewhat incomplete still. See Software#GPL_Software below.

You might find some additional information about the firmware here.

To figure out what version of the firmware your TeraStation is using is not easy, as there are two different "version" strings to look at. The flash firmware and the on disk software both have a version number and they're not synchronised. On some occasions, the flash and disk firmware have differed from other TeraStations of the same age and version.

You can capture the version of the flash firmware from the bootloader, but you have to add a [serial console] to be able to do this. If you have telnet or SSH access to your TeraStation then you can log in and look at /proc/linkstation.

The version of the on disk firmware is stored on /etc/linkstation_release and is placed on the admin interface under System Status.

Flash Firmware

The firmware in flash consists of

Have a look at the flash.

Firmware 1.02

Unknown. Came with the v1.01 firmware in Japan.

Firmware 1.03

Unknown. Came with the 1.02β firmware in Japan.

Firmware 1.04

v1.04 was used on Bg's TeraStation which was bought on April 2005 in Germany. Tman bought one TeraStation on April 2005 in the UK with this version, too.

Firmware 1.05

Tman's other TeraStation, also bought on April 2005 in the UK, uses this firmware.

  • disk firmware 1.03
  • 4x Western Digital drives

Other users have reported that their TeraStation which had v1.05 flash firmware came with v1.05 disk software.

  • disk firmware 1.05

bg has updated his TeraStation with this firmware, and on disk firmware 1.05, too.

Firmware 2.00

v1.07 beta comes with the v2.00 flash. The v2.00 bootloader has support for the emergency mode like the Linkstation/Kuro Box.

Firmware 2.02

v1.08 comes with the v2.02 flash. It is unknown what the differences between v2.00 and v2.02 are so far.

Firmware 2.03

v1.09 comes with the v2.03 flash. It is unknown what the differences between v2.02 and v2.03 are so far.

Firmware 2.05

v1.12 comes with the v2.05 flash. It is unknown what the differences between v2.03 and v2.05 are so far.

Firmware 2.06

v1.13 comes with the v2.06 flash. It is unknown what the differences between v2.05 and v2.06 are so far.

Firmware 3.00

v2.01 to v2.04β2 come with the v3.00 flash. It is unknown what the differences between v2.06 and v3.00 are so far.


Bootloader 1.10

1.07β comes with the v1.10 bootloader.

Bootloader 1.11

1.08 and 1.09 come with the v1.11 bootloader.

Bootloader 1.12

1.12 and 1.12 come with the v1.12 bootloader.

Bootloader 1.13

2.01 to 2.04β2 come with the v1.13 bootloader.

On Disk Firmware

See also Harddisk Layout.

Firmware 1.03

That's the release used on Bg's TeraStation. Which was bought on April 2005 in Germany.

The bootloader is unknown and the used kernel is called Linux version 2.4.20_mvl31-ppc_linkstation

Firmware 1.05

This version fixes the permissions on /www/cgi-bin, so you can no longer hack it.

But there is a firmware update to this version. Thanks to this update Sec and bg were able to create a hacked firmware.

Firmware 1.07

A beta release of this firmware is available from the Japanese Buffalo site.

The permissions on /www/cgi-bin are the same as v1.05 so no CGI hacks are possible.

Firmware 1.08

This firmware has been released in Japan and the US. It is mostly a few bugfixes in the PCast software from 1.07 beta.

Firmware 1.09

This firmware has been released in Japan only currently.

Firmware 1.12

Software is available here:
 the zip file has this to say about Ver 1.11 and 1.12

Ver1.11 - The default disk mode has been changed. (Default : RAID5) - The line feed code of Mail Notification has been corrected. - The sudden reboot and shutdown issue has been corrected. Ver1.12 - Mis-detecting issue of FAN Error has been corrected.

Firmware 1.13

This firmware has been released in Japan only currently.

Firmware 2.00 (Official European Version)

I got the following link as response to a support request: --Dummy (Link no longer works) - Mike (this one does) - Reb

Firmware 2.01

Also a Japan-only release as of 6 Dec 2005. An attempt to install it with the Japanese installer failed halfway through - could neither read nor understand error message - and left the box without a proper firmware; I had to install the 1.12 US version afterwards. The 2.01 contains an 38 KB "bootcode.img" and a 3 MB "firmimg.bin" instead of the old 4 MB "allimg.bin". Unsure if I can use the new image.dat with the old installer... --Fred 12:14, 6 Dec 2005 (CET)

The link dimmy has provided is not in use anymore, here's the new one Dun

Firmware 2.02

Appeared 2 days after 2.01. I had a close look at the 2.01/2.02 file system (unzipping it in the dry dock) and found that, instead of sending stuff to the LED/fan/... microcontroller by using "echo XXXX > /dev/ttyS1", they now employ a program named /usr/sbin/miconapl (for examples of use, see /usr/local/bin/*). However, this program is not contained in the firmware image. Duh! If I am not completely mistaken, this means that neither 2.01 nor 2.02 can ever work properly, and a 2.03 is to be expected soon... --Fred 14:33, 8 Dec 2005 (CET)

(NB. 2.02 is mentioned on Japanese web site but not linked correctly. Link has to be guessed:

Update: Installed 2.02 firmware using Japanese installer. Everything works although it shouldn't (see above). Will try to add telnetd and keep you posted. --Fred 14:56, 8 Dec 2005 (CET)

Beware: It is likely that you cannot downgrade to 1.x from 2.x. Will try to verify this later. --Fred 00:28, 9 Dec 2005 (CET)

Created a modified 2.02 with telnetd (username "myroot", no password). You will have to download the official 2.02 for the firmware installer (old version will probably not do), replace the image.dat file with, and then run the firmware update. Following the Japanese dialogs is easy, just always click the leftmost button. --Fred 15:51, 9 Dec 2005 (CET)

Firmware 2.03

Firmware 2.04 β2

The problem which cannot add every week reservation which strides year was corrected.

Upgrading from 1.13 to 2.04beta2 when without a hitch, just remember to disable your firewall, and download htgl_204b2.exe from the japanese website. As 2.04beta2 is a beta version firmware, the code may not be fully verified, and you may need to revert to older version.

It is not possible to revert to the original firmware version after installing 2.04beta. The nearest you can revert to is firmware 2.03, using "HD-HTGL Ver.2.04 firmware restoration tool Ver.1.00".

Firmware 2.04

Firmware 2.05 β1

I was able to revert back to 2.02 from 2.05B1 by performing a first downgrade and then once it went to em-mode, performing the same downgrade a second time. My Terastation is now working in version 2.02 after upgrading from 2.02 to 2.05b1 --Whoisnader 03:22, 9 Mar 2006 (CET)

Firmware 2.07

Just installd firmware version 2.07 from the Japanese download; previously the box had 2.0. nasupdater.ini still shows version 2.06, while linkstation_version.txt correctly shows 2.07.

After the firmware was uploaded, two info dialogs popped up, the machine restarted, and was available again as intended. The web inteface is still english and the box worked as intended in a few initial smb & ftp tests. One new feature seems to be that now an hour at which the hard disk status should be mailed can be set up (cannot remember that from 2.0). CCRDude 13:24, 22 March 2006 (CET)

Firmware 2.08

Just upgraded to 2.08 from 1.12-104. Downloaded it from the Japanese web site, not available on English one. Direct download link.

The update executable has Japanese interface. Check if it founded your device by IP and/or MAC address and press the leftmost button on the first screen. It will ask you for the password for the user “admin‿. Type it and hit “OK‿. Update takes about 3-5 min., you’ll see several progress bars, again with Japanese titles. At the end it will ask you to reboot, pres “OK‿ again.

The menu on the administrative WEB page is in English, although at least one page is in Japanese. This page I see for the first time – it asks you to type four digits when you manipulate the RAID configuration.--Stfn 21:08, 7 June 2006 (CEST)

Here is the translated readme.txt from the 2.08 firmware- incomprehensible grammar and formatting are the fault of the Google Japanese-to-English translator; I get the gist of what they're trying to say, so I didn't bother making corrections, but if anyone out there has spare time, please feel free to update formatting/grammar as required:

�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡ �?¡ �?¡ �?¡ HD-HTGL series firmware rise data Ver.2.08 �?¡ �?¡ �?¡ �?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡�?¡

You to use the HD-HTGL series, thank you truly.

As for this software it is the utility which renews the firmware of the HD-HTGL series. The firmware is renewed to

Ver2.08. When HD-HTGL of use is above Ver2.08, it is not necessary to update.

[Verification method of firmware version] the Web setting picture is opened, [system state] - [system information]

is selected. From above [there is an item of firmware version] in 3rd item.

Before executing the rise data, please read procedure.

1. Object product

   HD-H0.6TGL/R5, HD-H1.0TGL/R5, HD-H1.6TGL/R5

2. Object OS

  • On Mac it does not operate.

3. Update procedure

 1. You connect HD-HTGL just, in order for personal computer and HD-HTGL which execute the rise data to become the same network address you set.       
 * For example when IP address of the personal computer/the subnetwork mask “ “is, when the IP address of HD-HTGL/the subnetwork mask to is set�? “, it does not operate just. 

This case, HD-HTGL to please do again to set�? “.

 2. Please end the application which is in the midst of using. In addition when the fire wall software and the like is operational, it cannot do update. Or please stop the fire wall ending. 
 3. It downloaded to execute “htgl_208.exe�?, it thaws in the optional folder. 
 4. Thawing, it was possible, please execute “NASUpdater.exe�?. After the TeraStation searching, the picture is indicated.     
5. When HD-HTGL plural it is connected, please select HD-HTGL which is updated.     
6. When “the firmware renewal�? button is pushed, the password input picture is indicated.      
7. Please input the password and push “OK�?.       (The early password is set to “password�?) 
8. Because transfer and renewal of the firmware are started, until it completes, it waits.         
  * While renewing power source LED and DIAG-LED blink.     
9. When completion message is indicated, it is completion of update

4. If it is notice possible:

- before the updating please take the backup of the data inside HD-HTGL.    
- While updating, please do not turn off the power of personal computer and HD-HTGL.    
- While updating and job please do not access under any condition in the file inside HD-HTGL.    
  Several minutes it is required for update. 15 minutes or more passing, it does not complete, when, please restart HD-HTGL, do update for the second time.     
* Host name “HD-HTGL-EM�? are times when it is indicated.    
- When plural network interfaces are connected to the personal computer which updates, there are times when it fails in update. After setting the interface where TeraStation is not connected to invalidity please do update.
- When radio at connection it is used, there are times when it cannot renew the firmware depending upon the state of the radio normally. When it is possible, after modifying in wire connection, please do update. 

       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                           2006 February 6th corporation buffalo 
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Firmware 2.10

Version 2.10 was released on 2006-9-4

Doesn't appear to be much of a change, here is the translation: When the disk is exchanged with RAID obstacle occurrence, the problem which has the case where reconstruction does not complete normally was corrected.

I am getting really bored of having to install all my mods on new firmware, has anyone developed an install bundle that I can just extract into the Terastation? --Whoisnader 05:21, 22 September 2006 (CEST)

i recommend to collect all the mods which could be usefull for everyone somewhere...start by mentioning the mod. then start to collect the files you modded, scripts which were modified. if you installed some software-packages (from the linkstationwiki-downloadsection for example), then start a list about which packages work on the terastation and which you have installed...and all this might be worth to send to itimpi...or ask me to get access to the terastation-section at Mindbender 03:36, 21 December 2006 (CET)

Firmware Updates

As there are different versions of the firmware available, it should be possible to upgrade it.

While the Japanese site lists two firmware updates, according to the German support there none available here.

Firmware updates have started to appear on the Buffalo US support site. As of 26/06/2005 it has v1.08.

See firmware update for more information.

GPL Software

Terastation GPL Software Linkstationwiki-mirror

Terastation Home Server GPL Software

Terastation Pro GPL software - Linkstationwiki-mirror

Modification Record

  • Ver2.07 to Ver2.08 [2006.4.10][SYSTEM the case of operation of] or less, operational error for preventing, the page for verification was added. - Because selection possibly it corrected the HD-HGLAN series with respect to network modification of constitution of RAID array (compilation/deletion) - the format - deletion of the joint ownership folder - as ahead the initialization backing up of TeraStation, part inscription was modified.  - TeraStation summary�? ““LinkStation/TeraStation summary�? and so on declared modification of related page.  - Sleep correspondence inscription of “TeraStation summary�? “unestablished�? empty in “unestablished/non correspondence�? modification.
  • Ver2.06 to Ver2.07 [2006.3.16] [SYSTEM after the] updating, the restriction item where the video recording reservation of PCAST goes out was corrected.
  • Ver2.05β1 to Ver2.06 [2006.3.8] [SYSTEM plural executing] [backup task] simultaneously, the problem which becomes operation unstable was corrected. Sleep with function, exceeding date, it corrected the problem which does not move to sleep state when it sets. Modifying the use setting of the printer, if it does not restart, it corrected the problem which is not reflected. e-mail notification the problem which has the case where function does not operate normally was corrected. [PCAST] When the television it views from LinkTheater, the setting which was videotaped lastly (compressed type picture quality) with the problem which is viewed was corrected. When iCommand setting was done from LinkTheater, just tuner 4 corrected the problem where type of tuner is not indicated.
  • Ver2.04β2 to Ver2.05β1 [2006.2.6] [PCAST it tries to play back the file which includes the # in the] first with media server function selecting whichever file, it corrected the problem which each time is played back from the first file. EPG program the problem which has the case where you cannot acquire the schedule was corrected. It completes the first setting modification communication normally with iCommand, but when 1st periodic communication is done, the problem which has the case where it becomes “iCommand use failure�? state was corrected. That image of specification is videotaped, the problem where missing the lust information occurs was corrected. The problem which has the case where it cannot read the MPEG file which was videotaped with PC-MV7xDX/U2 with the compilation software of part was corrected. Video recording those where the file name which is drawn up to the case where it does had become cap0_xxx the modification which is matched the number on cap1_xxxx and indication was done with tuner 1. [SYSTEM] NTP server address of default was set to NTP server address of setting. When it is connected with 10MHalf, the problem where the communication malfunction occurs was corrected.
  • Ver2.03 to Ver2.04β2 [2005.12.27] [PCAST the problem which cannot add every week reservation which strides] year was corrected.
  • Ver2.02 to Ver2.03 [2005.12.16] [PCAST to be able to use user identification of MyEPG correspondence with] iCommand, it modified. The problem which has the case where new video
  • Ver2.01 to Ver2.02 [2005.12.07] [PCAST it corresponded to] PC-MV71DX/U2. It corresponded to PC-MV52DX/U2. It corresponded to PC-MV51DX/U2. The problem which USB setting - the manufacturer name and product name of PC-MV7DX/U2 insert in the page of USB information and substitute was corrected. When all it does not have horizontal synchronization with the channel when channel scan is done from LinkTheater, the problem where the picture of the result is not indicated was corrected. As [medeiasaba] those which are indicated with the file order of A.mpg→C.mpg→b.mpg and the like in the time of animated picture indication with function indicated with the order of A.mpg→b.mpg→C.mpg, it modified. PC-MV7 series video recording picture quality when using was adjusted. New the problem which has the case where it cannot add reservation was corrected. EPG program the automatic program video recording extended function which uses the schedule was loaded. In order to be able to identify the tuner the occasion where you use from LinkTheater, as the picture part which “tuner x�? is indicated until recently “MV51DX/U2�? and “MV7DX/U2�? indicated, it modified. EPG program the genre dividing in the schedule was modified until recently in another genre dividing.  Though (the old) Western painting, Japanese painting category -> (the new) movie (old) sport 1, sport 2 -> (new) sport (old) drama/the play -> (new) drama, the play (old) news/reporting -> (new) news/reporting and welfare (the old) leisure/hobby -> (new) hobby/utility and information (old) it is dense, for/education -> (new) education (old) animation/special 撮 -> (new) animation/the special 撮, kids (old) culture/the document -> (new) [dokiyumentari]/culture (old) overseas broadcast -> (new)It came out on the picture of the coming out orator search result in the overseas EPG program schedule and as indicated the orator in 50 sound orders, it modified. EPG coming out orator search the function which can be moved to the coming out orator page of the designated initial in the picture of the result was loaded. In order Web the title of the reservation which is added from the page in full size being automatic, conversion (largest letter several full size 32 letters) to do, it modified. Identical program the problem which has the case where the animated picture which after doing, when after the completing that reservation video recording animated picture is played back with PCastLink/LinkTheater, videotaped reservation video recording with the tuner which differs is not just played back was corrected. PC-MV51DX/U2 when using when channel scan is done, immediately after the starting it ends, the problem which has the case where it is judged that all channels there is no horizontal synchronization, was corrected. When PCastLink is used and long haul operation continues, the problem which has the case where it becomes error such that there is no tuner was corrected. When EPG program program of specification is indicated in the schedule, the problem where date is indicated in the genre part was corrected. Media server function was used from LinkTheater and when the photograph is perused, when another folder exists in the folder which is perused, the problem where the picture which is chosen is not indicated was corrected. PC-MV7DX/U2 when using the trouble where brightness changes was corrected. Profile MPEG4 streaming picture quality (at the time of PC-MV7DX/U2 use) with resolution when it videotaped was modified in 640x480→352x240.
  • Ver1.14 to Ver2.01 [2005.11.9] [RAID] RAID maintenance performance was added.  This function, function does only at the time of RAID1 and RAID5 utilization, the bad sector which exists in the hard disk (reads and error) it is possible to restore automatically.  Utilization of RAID maintenance function is recommended strongly. When the bad sector is detected, it tried to put out E-MAIL notification. It stopped the fact that the DIAG lamp is blinked while the checking RAID and during re-constructing, tried to blink the STATUS/FULL lamp to substituting. It is not breakdown. RAID array obstacle when occurring the function which shuts down was modified.  Until recently, shutdown is started directly by obstacle detection, but in order from this version to shut down 1 minutes later, it modified. In addition, after the shutting down degeneracy ([deguredo]) it tried terrace t Shaun to be able to utilize with mode for the second time by turning power source to ON. [Sleep becoming in] sleep return time, it corrected the problem where power source does not become ON. [UPS] If it receives the UPS power source OFF signal from UPS and cannot see the revival of power source 15 seconds in order to shut down, it modified. [WEB] [Disk management] - [RAID maintenance performance was added to RAID setting]. [Maintenance] - [the restart of TeraStation was added to shutdown]. Being able to register the group name of the same name to the group the problem which finishes it corrected. (“Test " and " test " being able to register it finishes doubly as each one " test ".) [Maintenance] - [HDD state transmitted time was added to mail notification setting]. [Joint ownership with the file property of] windows, it tried to be able to modify the archive bit. 100 collecting the domain user joint ownership at the time of access restriction setting of the folder, it corrected the problem which it cannot set.
  • Ver1.13 to Ver1.14 [2005.9.26 with] FTP server function the trouble which fails in upload was corrected to the folder of specific name. When FTP server the file is uploaded with function, the trouble where file compilation time slips 9 hours was corrected.
  • Ver1.12 to Ver1.13 [2005.9.13] Link de record!! With function video recording scene corrected the trouble which falls in 1 hours or more. Link de record!! The trouble where noise of Mpeg4 video
  • Ver1.11 to Ver1.12 [2005.7.19] [SYSTEM the problem which error detects the abnormality of] FAN was corrected.
  • Ver1.10 to Ver1.11 [2005.7.11] [SYSTEM the problem which has the possibility] abrupt restart and shutdown occurring was corrected. [PCAST] The problem which cannot do [chiyannerusukiyan] was corrected.
  • Ver1.09 to Ver1.10 [2005.7.5] [SYSTEM the problem which has error in the line feed code of the data which is transmitted with] email notification was corrected. Illegitimate IP being able to set address the problem which finishes it corrected. [PCAST] Reservation video recording when it does, the problem where the video recording being completed file is not reflected on video recording summary was corrected with continuation. iCommand when setting, the problem which cannot do the renewal time setting of 1 day interval was corrected. iCommand when setting, when it deletes the broadcasting station, the problem where also the other broadcasting station is deleted was corrected.
  • Ver1.08 to Ver1.09 [2005.6.21] [SYSTEM from at the time of] product shipment it made the RAID5 constitution being completed. Japanese PDF the manual was revised.
  • Ver1.07 to Ver1.08 [2005.6.6] [SYSTEM setting] IP address, the problem which it cannot set that the least significant beam is 0,255, was corrected. When disk drive generates lead/read error, F/W corrected the problem which hang-up is done. When the format of the disk is done, the problem where LED of disk error blinks was corrected. When WEB setting from the picture setting “Windows client language�? other than Japanese, letter of the foreign country letter corrected the problem which transforms. [PCAST] iCommand the problem where picture quality setting of setting returns to standard picture quality after Reboot was corrected.
  • Ver1.06 to Ver1.07 [2005.4.25] * this version has not done release. [SYSTEM] When the USB disk of external is connected with AUTO power mode, the problem which TeraStation does not start was corrected. * There are some which require time for recognition of the disk. [System state] - [USB information] being similar, in regard to verification, please utilize the fact that it is recognized. If it is MANUAL power mode, it is recognized directly. [PCAST] When similar file name exists and the problem where playback order becomes strange when file name is long was corrected.
  • Ver1.05 to The problem which cannot designate the channel entry CATV as the time of Ver1.06 iEPG reservation was corrected.
  • Ver1.04a to Ver1.05 < with trouble correction > iCommander function, it restarts, the problem which periodic access to the server becomes impossible was corrected. iCommander with setting, “- “the hyphen letter corrected the problem which transforms. The problem where nighttime electronic program indicatory date of the time zone slips was corrected. iCommander with function, information of reservation of the tuner which it is not selective is notified corrected the problem which to the iCommand server. When start time and finish time of reservation and video recording are piled up, start 1 minutes corrected the problem which is late.
  • Ver1.04 to Ver1.04a < trouble correction with > RAID5 environment, Link de record!! The problem which has the case where (while videotaping) reset in the midst of functional executing catches measure was done.
  • Ver1.03a to> Ver1.04 < specification modification update > [medeiasaba] performance was added. Link de record!! Performance was added. * Case the data of note * HD-HTGL is played back from LinkTheater, “manual LinkStation/TeraStation the data is played back with LinkTheater,�? please refer to. Link de record!! When function is used, please refer to the manual of PC-MV7DX/U2.
  • Ver1.03 to Ver1.03a < trouble correction > FW: 1.03 So the problem which cannot refer to the contents “of the info�? folder was corrected.
  • Ver1.02β to Ver1.03 < it tried to be able to back up the data under 4GB of 1 file 2GB or more in the USB disk of specification modification update > FAT32 type. Windows joint ownership and with service, it tried to be able to modify the archive attribute of the file. Notification mail default of subject was modified in “TeraStation Status Report�?. Folder constitution “of the info�? joint ownership folder was modified. The manual “of info�? joint ownership folder recording was renewed to 4 editions. “Simplicity backup to HD�? “of info�? joint ownership folder recording was renewed to Ver1.15. When < “-�? the folder which is included is appointed to the trouble correction > backup origin, the problem where backup fails was corrected. When NTFS the USB disk of type is appointed to the backup origin, the problem where backup fails was corrected. [yuzaakusesu] state in the picture, the problem which has the case where FTP access user name is indicated with the number was corrected. Web setting misprint of the picture was corrected.
  • Ver1.01 to Ver1.02β < the group name which specification modification > can be input was modified to 12 letters. When backing up like below it modified ahead data backing up. When the backup origin “share�?, ahead backing up “share_backup�? is, at the time of non superscription backup: \ \ TeraStation \ share_backup \ date \ share \ at the time of superscription backup: \ In order \ TeraStation \ share_backup \ _backups \ backup not to copy the log file which is in the midst of executing share \ backup first, it modified. When joint ownership the folder is set to read-only attribute, “(Read Only)�? it tried to add to the explanation of the joint ownership folder automatically. When USB format type of the disk is FAT/NTFS, “(Read Only)�? it tried to add to the explanation of the joint ownership folder automatically. Explanation “of the hdusers�? group was modified. The explanation “of admin�? and “the guest�? user was modified. < The problem where the file which trouble correction > [domeinyuza] drew up & copied is not indicated in the time of anonymous FTP connection in normally was corrected. When [batsukuatsuputasuku] compilation in the picture, the joint ownership folder which includes Japanese below exists, ahead backing up the problem where the list of the joint ownership folder is not indicated in normally was corrected. The problem which has the case where mail notification does not make the time of [so] rumor 浬 欺 圭 structure silkworm ten stating 曾 箪 貼 talent chart violent estimate stipend rabbit 喀 媾 彌 拿 �?� 歃 濬 畚 秉 綵 臀 藹 觸 軆 brim 饅 Indian water hen ~ RAID error occurrence was corrected. IP the problem which cannot search TeraStation which address manual operation is set was corrected. The problem where the time of TeraStation keeps slipping measure was done. With TeraStation the format after doing the USB hard disk of the not yet format, the problem which cannot be recognized from the client utility was corrected.