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Considering buying LS Pro and installing Gentoo. However, I don`t see the possibility of bricking the box in the manual you posted here. Is there some dangerous operation? Installing gentoo does not seem to be a problem, in worst case you place the original partitions in place and everything works as before .?? Or is there some flash-burning involved? Does LS Pro have the JTAG included?


no there are no flash related operations. only the UBoot bootloader is in the LS pro`s flash, everything else is on the hdd. if you use the debug mode of the firmware updater and uncheck the updating of "BOOT" then the Bootloader does not modified and only the initrd/kernel/hddrootfs gets updated. If anything else besides the bootloader gets messed up you can always fix it by connecting the hdd to your normal workstation. but thats the worst case and i did not have to do this for weeks now. Unfortunately there is no obvious JTAG port visible on the LS Pro board. But when we finally get our hands on the Kurobox pro which has this JTAG port we will try to follow the traces on it and compare them to the LS pro/LS Live hope to find a way to be able to unbrick the arm based linkstations via JTAG Mindbender 18:19, 15 April 2007 (EDT)

I just buy a fresh new Linkstation and wanna install gentoo. maybe I'ma dumb, but I don't get how to put LS in EM mode, so to upload the modified_initrd. As it comes out form the box, there no FTP and cannot see the Uboot port open with netcat.

Could you help me in this first step?

thanks a lot

Portage Bin Package - wrong Location

At a LinkstationPro you have to change the /etc/portage/make.conf to the real destination of the Binary Portage Source: