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I tested this procedure with a new Linkstation DUO 1TB (Model LS-WXL2DF or LS-WX1.0TL/R1) which was purchased in July 2010 with the 1.31 Firmware and it works flawlessly.

I do have RAID 1 set up, so I had to make a minor change

/mnt/disk1/share/ became /mnt/array1/share/

Great job but still room for improvement

First off, this is pretty darn good!

Second, though, there are gaps in the how-to that need to be filled. Some of the most frustrating ones:

- Firmware 1.24 is mentioned only once in the beginning. Section that deals with actual firmware manipulation must remind that we need to use 1.24 to modify. If firmware version does not matter, it'd be nice if it said that.

- This part: "#Change root password echo "root:newpass" | chpasswd" Does it belong to the same file as the code preceding it?

- Then this part: "tar -czf ../hddrootfs.buffalo.updated-new -C /absolute/path/to/extracted_image *" - PLEASE remind to change "/absolute/path/to/extracted_image" to the actual path. Do so in the comments not in the code. I know I have to be stupid to miss that, but at 4am I missed a lot of stuff

- Quick note that we're switching from linux to windows to proceed with the update. Would be nice so users don't have to guess

Oh, and btw, after modifying my 1.34 (it wasn't obvious to me right away that I needed to use 1.24) my NAS started speaking Japanese. Wtf...

Otherwise I'm very glad to have found this page!