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the mips patch for 2.4 can not work.

First: The patch can't applied because the parameter -r is used and not -ruN which produces an useable patch format for patch. Second: This patch doesn't contain the new files which are in the ls-sources, but not in the vanilla sources

Exist an useable patch which can be applied to the current 2.4 kernel?

Prodigy7 16:51, 5 September 2006 (EDT)

i c. it was the second time ever that i created some diffs. how exactly should i execute the diff command? assume that i have the full vanilla kernel sources in folder1 and the ls-kernel-sources in folder2.

Mindbender 07:35, 6 September 2006 (EDT)

I think, the diff patch doesn't make sense for the newest kernel version, because the most stuff can't applied. I'd tried to create an full patch make an actual 2.4 kernel useable with ls2 but I was confronted with some problems: For example if use the parameter -ruN, all differences are acquired - inclusive the new improved x64 part of kernel 2.4. Means: I you use simple the parameter -ruN, the patch removes many files which are exists in the current vanilla but not in the 2.4.20 ls2 sources. I don't know, which files are required ... so I chose an other way: First i made an diff with -ru. The result was an diff which contains all differences but not the files, which maybe exist in the ls2 sources but not in the current vanilla kernel version. Next I create a list with files which are exists in the ls2 sources but not in the vanilla sources. So I get an patch with an size of 38MB which contains all mips differences. I applied this patch but the most messages was error messages because the diffs can't applied.

I think also, currently no patch can be created which mades the current vanilla ls2 ready. An way could be, "hopping" from kernel version to kernel version (apply the patch to the next release after 2.4.20 ... create from this an patch ... go to the next version ...). So the inexactness (which mades it impossible, apply the diffs) could maybe balanced so we get an applicable patch.

I uploaded the full patch on . Maybe some one other can create an useable patch with it.

Prodigy7 10:02, 6 September 2006 (EDT)