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Somebody has an idea on how to run the daemon in user mode and not in root? I didn't find anything on the net about it. --Gui13 17:24, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

init script to run as user :

In stop change --name to exec as system can't read characters 15+ (?)

create script to wget latest bluetack file and gunzip whilst in ~/.config/transmission*/blocklist and set cron job to run it once a week ?

1.73 doesn't build, need to: cd transmission/third-party/miniupnp wget patch <

Could someone please post instructions for manually creating symlinks required for auto-startup? Update-rc.d command is not available for Stock Firmware users on TeraStation Pro II.

Please... can someone post a guide to how to make transmission run on LinkStation Pro V2.0? :/ This is getting me crazy. PS: I installed it using IPkG.

Thank you