Telnet and FTP enabled ramdisks

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What`s the firmimg.bin?

The stock kernel + the ramdisk is stored inside the firmimg.bin.
The ramdisk implements EM-Mode.

What's the purpose of these firmimg.bins?

The stock firmimg.bin does NOT have telnet + ftp enabled.
These firmimg.bin files here are enhanced versions which have telnet + ftp enabled.
Only the ramdisks were enhanced, so they were designed for the stock bootloader, NOT for UBoot.
The root-password was removed, so it is possible to connect to the Linkstation via telnet while in EM-Mode.

This makes it possible to fix various problems that normaly would lock you out of the box
and that would demand a complete reflash via the firmware updater.


There are several folders which explain which model the specific firmimg.bin was made for.
It is important that only a proper firmimg.bin is used.

Using the wrong firmimg.bin may lead to a brick or may change the box model.

Compatibility list

Model Compatible firmimg.bin

As the HG and the HS Model only differ in the Software (Kernel/Ramdisk) it is possible to
convert a HG to a HS or a HS to a HG.

Do not flash firmimg.bin for fun!
If anything goes wrong your box maybe recoverable only via JTAG.

Info about Unbricking/JTAG

If your box really becomes a brick it is possible to unbrick the box again:

  1. Kuroguy`s unbricking service
  2. Create a JTAG cable on your own

These firmimg.bin files will be bundled with OpenLink/FreeLink images soon.
Have fun!

-- Mindbender