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OpenLink is our effort to provide firmware which “opens” your LinkStation, thus providing full access to the LinkStation. The OpenLink firmware is built upon the most recent official LinkStation firmware release. It retains all the stock capabilities of the official LinkStation firmware while adding a number of binaries and libraries. You may download the latest release from the downloads area.



  1. Find out which version is the latest for your LinkStation
  2. Initially, the user name is set to "root", the password to "" (empty string; both without the quotes).
  3. The LinkStation will keep its IP address set before the upgrade.


  1. http://downloads.nas-central.org/LS1_PPC/Distributions/Openlink/ - For LS1
  2. http://downloads.nas-central.org/LSHG_PPC/Distributions/Openlink/ - For HG

Install the firmware per the instructions at:

  1. The LinkStation firmware flasher


  1. http://downloads.nas-central.org/LS2_MIPSel/Distributions/Openlink/ - For LS2

Install the firmware per the instructions at:

  1. The LinkStation firmware flasher

Incremental Updates

Incremental Updates are created so users do not need to completely reflash each time they want to update to the latest version. Available updates:

  1. 0.5x -> 0.73b (Currently PPC Only)


Utelnetd is an extremely small telnet daemon.
Busybox is an extremely small program which provides many core utility functions, such as dd and wget.
They are specially designed for embedded systems such as the LinkStation

Development Tools

Precompiled C development environment, running on the LS is specifically designed to be used on LinkStations with the OpenLink firmware.

IPKG (Itsy Package Management System)

IPKG - is The Itsy Package Management System used in OpenLink firmware. This is similar to other package management systems in big distributions like Debian (apt-get) or Gentoo (Portage).