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Sometimes when you reflash a teraStation for some reason (as yet undetermined) it seems to lose its language settings and come back up in Japanese. Probably the most common cause is that you were using a firmware release that supported Japanese/English/German; had the language set to German; and are reflashing with firmware release that only supports Japanese/English (as is the case for most firmware releases downloaded from the Buffalo Japanese site).

This article shows how to reset it back to English.

There are basically two methods available:

  • Editing a configuration file at the Linux level
  • Using the Buffalo supplied Web interface

Editing a Configuration File

This is the simplest method, but does require you to have flashed your TeraStation with a version of firmware that allows telnet access, and it does involve some command line work and the ability to use a linux/unix editor.

The steps involved are:

  • Telnet to the TeraStation and log in as a user with root access
  • Edit the file /etc/melco/info and see if it has a line of the form

if so change it so it reads


If the 'lang' line does not exist then add it.

When you have done this the Buffalo Web interface should start operating in English again.

Using the Web Interface

This is a little more convoluted as it requires you navigating a Japanese web page to change a setting;

  • Connect to the Buffalo station via a browser. You will initially see a page that looks something like the following:

Japanese Home Screen

This is the Japanese equivalent of the Home screen.

  • Select the second option from the menu on the left. This will result in a page like this

Japanese Basic Screen

  • Scroll down to the 4th section of the page. This will have 2 drop downs. The first is used to set the language and the second one the code page. Change the language drop-down to the english one (i.e. not the value initially displayed).
  • There appears to be a bug in some releases of firmware where if you do not set the NTP server to disabled (the right-hand selection option) the change of language setting does not take effect.

Japanese Basic Language

if you want you can also change the code-page drop-down or you can wait until you have got English page back.

  • Now go right to the bottom of the page and you will see a button. This is the "Apply" button so click on it. This will leave you on this page with everything still displayed in Japanese.
  • Click on another section on the Left-hand menu and the new page should now be in English. clicking back on the basic page will now display that in English as well.